Monthly Archives: September 2011

Oh No… A Brainwave Problem

The observer of  brainwaves… influences the brainwaves (of others) that are being observed. Research has indicated that the researcher in an experiment where brainwaves are  being recorded, influences the data when he reads it.   As soon as the researcher who has to read the data, become to analytical or nervous, and thus changes the…

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Oh yeah…a lucid dream

It had been a while since I had an interesting dream. So, I decided to do something about that. I went into my balance zone and I imagined how it would be if I would have had a dream. Entering the balance zone is a natural way to stimulate the alpha brainwaves. These alpha brainwaves…

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Six Supernatural Powers

The Pali Canon is a collection of texts which contain the lessons given by Buddha himself. In one section he talks  about the six supernatural powers. These are: 1) Developing mental pureness and eventually enlightenement. 2) Telepathy:being able to read the emotions and thoughts of others. 3) Magic powers: Levitation,teleportation, telekinesis. 4) The divine ear:…

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