Greater Human Potential, by Conrad Raw, researches and provides structured systems for the practical development of the hidden powers of the mind and activating the greater human potential.
Greater Human Potential is an integrated system to awaken the higher abilities of mankind.

Conrad-RawWho is Conrad Raw? Conrad has been searching for the hidden powers of the mind since his childhood.
While still a teenager he was already studying hypnosis. He taught himself how to do remote viewing and had several spontaneous out of body experiences in his youth.

He coauthored with Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy amongst others in Wake Up… Moments as well as with people like Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Jack Zufelt in DNA Of Success Stories.

Conrad gave a successful demonstration of telepathy on TV. He still continuous to travel around the world in order to research the most practical methods that allow people to tap into their greater human potential and developing their intuition.

Personal and spiritual development hold a central place for Conrad, with a strong emphasis on the practical real world application. He provides training for energy cultivation, personal and spiritual development.

Some people think it is about divine gifts, yet Conrad knows it is about skills that can be learned an are within the reach of all.

He is not the airy fairy type but stays critical while keeping an open mind.
After finishing his law studies with honors he wrote The Zensation Manual: The Forbidden Secrets Of Personal And Energetic Development and started to teach people about the techniques it contains.

Later on he developed Ultra Dynamic Mind, in which people are taught to function at the subconscious level of mind with conscious awareness. By incorporating advanced teaching methodologies Conrad his students achieve more than average results. Ultra Dynamic Mind has been used by the Dutch National Railway in a project to enhance the well being of its employees.

The last several years Conrad Raw has been spending a large amount of his time in Asia in search of the most effective and practical methods to increase the human potential.

He studied with and upholds a close personal relationship with several advanced spiritual masters. This gives Conrad the unique opportunity to test several systems from the inside and compare their effectiveness in terms of energetic potential and consciousness.

This work received its coronation in 2010 when a master of Nei Kung (internal alchemy) of a very high energy level, tested Conrad and confirmed that the method for energy cultivation practiced and refined by Conrad over the years, does indeed fill the energy center in the body, the dan tien. Most of the people that were lucky enough to be able to undergo such a test, came back disappointed. Often people thing they are increasing their energetic potential, while in reality they are only increasing their sensitivity for energy. Which creates the illusion of increased energy levels. Worldwide there a just a hand full of people of which the method for energy cultivation turned out to be effective and passed such a test. This is the method Conrad shares in the course: Ancient secrets of mind power and energy cultivation as well as in the intensive training retreats.

The essence of Conrad Raw his method is that you need just three keys for effective personal and spiritual growth focused on awakening the highest human potential and creating deep inner peace:
A rational frame: a blueprint of techniques, connections and insights.
Consciousness: mastering different levels of consciousness and being able to change your
level of consciousness at will.
Energy: being able yo increase the energetic potential of the body.
Greater Human Potential is an integrated system to develop all these areas.
Once the basics are established, even more advanced abilities can be developed.

Conrad regularly teaches international workshops. He also developed several home study courses. All the products are made under the adagio that an ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of theory.

At Greater Human Potential you are at the right place for  energy healing, meditation, developing intuition, the power of the mind and also for your personal development in general.

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