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Dear reader,

Here are some important questions, answer them carefully:

Did you ever try to meditate but had it turn into a battle to stop the endless flow of thoughts, and whatever you tried you just couldn't quiet your mind?

Do you sometimes wonder during your meditation if you are doing things right?

Do you have no idea or maybe just a vague notion of what to experience through meditation?

Have you heard about or read so much about different forms of meditation that you can't see the forest for the trees anymore?

Do you wish someone would finally just explain to you in detail and step by step exactly what you should be doing?

Do you sometimes suffer from weak concentration or focus?

Its Not Your Fault!

Maybe you ever sow the attraction on a fair where you van climb a rope ladder?

Suddenly a guy would appear and climb that ladder and making it look oh so easy.

Yet when you give it a try to try and reach the top and catch the price, it quickly becomes obvious it isn't so easy.

Apparently there is a certain technique or trick you need to know... but which is only past on along "insiders".

An outsider, without that information, can't climb the ladder, besides for the rare exception.
The same is true for meditation and cultivating your life force...

if you never learned the complete and proper techniques, you keep trying but are basiaclly groping in the dark.

My Story...

From my childhood I had an extraordinary interest in how the human mind works and what special abilities can be accessed through its power. I didn't have any gifts or special abilities but would read heaps of books on the subject did many courses, etc. but everywhere I would encounter something which just didn't make sense or the progress would be very slow at best.

I almost started to believe that perhaps I was wrong and maybe you do need to posses a gift in order to be able to use the hidden powers of the mind. But luckily I concentrated my search on practical techniques...

And sure enough after a while I had plenty of extraordinary experiences which confirmed I was on to something. It all only fueled my great thirst for knowledge.
I became increasingly more convinced that it is all about skills which can be learned, so it is only a matter of finding someone who can teach them to you.

So I started to gather information from all corners of the earth about the true potential of the human mind. And after a lot of traveling I noticed that much of the information which is available in the West about spiritual growth or the training of the mind, is false, incomplete, inadequate, strongly diluted or contaminated.

How I Was Tested By A Spiritual Guru

One evening I got this exercise from one of my spirtual teachers - someone I had found after a long search and through some lucky "coïncidences". He gave me a meditation technique with a specific phrase I had to repeat that same night from 11 PM until 4 AM.

I had gotten used to this sort of thing...

but this time he introduced some extra elements into the exercise: I had to stay seated on a pillow of 3 square feet without moving it, and at the same time make a certain movement with my hand...

all while being blindfolded!

I quickly started to notice that this exercise was heavier than anything I had done before. During this meditation I experienced times when my thoughts were completely gone, yet I was still wide awake. I don't know for how long these phases lasted because I had lost all track of time: it could be that I still had 2 hours to go, or 5 minutes... I had no clue.

There was this battle taking place inside of me to stay seated on that spot and do this exercise...

Eventually my teacher came to release me from this ordeal at 5 AM - one hour later than needed.

In a sigh of relief I told him that this one had been very heavy. And with a grin on his face he pulled some object with weird symbols out of the blindfold.

He then explained to me that this thing drained my energy through my eyes, making the exercise much harder and really testing my will power.

Smilingly he told me that he uses this method to test if a student is serious or not...

...and that if the student isn't serious enough, he wouldn't be getting the complete techniques and methods.

Suddenly I understood why there is so much inadequate information floating around in the West.

But It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Look, if you are getting half or even false information which is being presented to you as complete information - sometimes with the best of intentions - then you can't help it if you aren't getting the results that you are after.

Discover The 5 Most Common Meditation Mistakes

1. Trying To Completely Stop All Your Thoughts

Ok, it is possible to stop your thoughts and it is something you can learn to do. But did you ever wonder why you think that you need to stop your thoughts? Because more often than not this is something taken completely out of context.

Stopping your thoughts is a side effect which occurs automatically when you are doing your meditation correctly. It is not the goal in itself. It is the ultimate step to take control over your thoughts at the level of consciousness where your thoughts have much more power. This way you avoid causing problems when you are functioning at those deep levels of mind.

So it is a useful skill. For very advanced training it is even necessary: there are masters in China who will not even let you in if your aren't able to sit quietly without having any thoughts for at least 2 hours.

Luckily there are special techniques you can use, which allow you to deal with your thoughts in a natural way while through training you eventually experience this state for extended periods of time.

2. Meditating On The Wrong Time Of The Day

Did you know that there are specific time of they day which are beneficial for some types of meditation, but detrimental for other types of meditation?

There is a cycle of energy where positive and negative energies alternate according to a natural rhythm.

Most people have no idea about this natural cycle and just meditate whenever they feel like it. There is an ideal time for normal meditation, and meditating during that time makes it easier to stay focuses yet relaxed.

On the other hand when you are doing meditation to raise your energy levels, other times of the day would be more suitable. During some times of the day it would even be unhealthy because you would be storing negative energy.

So it matters which meditation you do at what time.

Top athletes know the rhythm of their body and adjust their training according to the different phases of their biological clock throughout the day. Just like in the physcial training of top athletes, it is important to attune your mental training to the different phases of the energetic cycle.

3. Not Having A Clear Idea About What You Want To Achieve In Your Meditation

There are hundreds of different forms of meditation. All with a different objective. For example a simple visualization meditation has a completely different purpose than a deep zen meditation. So you have to know what you are trying to accomplish in order to know what type of meditation is best to use.

There is an important distinction between active and passive meditation.

Active meditation is where you are mentally actively working on  some specific objective like manifestation, visualizing goals, use intuition or clairvoyance to gather information. With these types of meditation your are using you are actively using your mind  to accomplish something. It is a dynamic form of meditation.

Passive meditation on the other hand, are those where the mind should find rest and is more turned inward. Training this type of meditation increases your mind power and concentration causing your thoughts to become more powerful even when you use them in the active types of meditation.

4. Having A Wrong Posture While Meditating

Okay, if you just want to relax or sit there being "mindful", your posture doesn't matter that much. Sure there are some things you can pay attention to, like keeping your back straight and not constricting parts of your body.

Details do matter if on the other hand you want to use meditation as a tool for mental training, with the goal of sharpening your concentration and increasing your mind power so you can access the higher faculties of the human mind. It is like the difference between playing soccer at the amateur level or that of the pros.

So for example the position of your head makes a difference. One position will increase the number of thoughts you are having, while another positiion will make you sleepy. The position of the eyes also plays a role. And even the position of your legs is important as they affect the curvature of your back and through that your energy flow. These details hold the key to success.

5. Only Having Attention For The Mind And Not The Body

Of course the opposite occurs more often. As the famous saying goes: "A healthy mind in a healthy body."

If you are only training your mind without involving your body, there is no balance. The same holds true if you would only train the body and not the mind.

Why Is Meditation Important?

In the first place meditation is essential for spiritual growth and developing your latent abilities. You have to be able to get into much deeper states of consciousness while still being able to function consciously at those levels of mind. You also need to have high enough energy levels and your energies need to be balanced.

All of this can be accomplished through meditation. Good meditation will balance your energies while you are accessing deeper levels of consciousness. Then you can also do more specific meditation techniques aimed at raising your energy levels. Without a good method of meditation your spiritual growth will be slower or it will stagnate.

If for example you want to use the things stemming from the hype around The Secret, you will make it harder than necessary for yourself if you don't develop your mind power through meditation. In the movie they make it  seem as if by just thinking about things, they will magically manifest into your life...

... unfortunately they don't give you the full story. Yes, your thoughts do have power and can put things into motion. Yet for most people the power behind their thoughts is so scattered it is to limited to bring about the changes they actually desire.

So what is missing?
Well first of all the training to function at the levels of mind where your thoughts have real power. And secondly, a method to raise your levels of energy to the level where these things can be manifested.

The Story Of The Zen Master

When the zen master Seung Sahn went to the hospital for a check up, his doctor noticed some problems with his heart. The doctor had enough knowledge about the beneficial effects visualization has on healing and how it can cure certain health problems. So he suggested a visualization exercise to the zen master.

The zen master did the exercise faithfully and a later check up the doctor noticed a definite improvement. Yet the master told him this isn't correct meditation,... it is only a "repair your body meditation".

Upon which the doctor asked him what the difference? The master explained that in this visualization, your mind runs in all directions, isn't focused. In real meditation the mind is focused like a laser and doesn't go out in all directions.

What Difference Does Meditation Make?

You can indeed compare it with the difference between the light of a normal light bulb and that of a laser beam.

In a normal light bulb the light is going out into all directions and a lot of energy is lost. It is scattered and unfocused. This is called divergent light, and there isn;t much power in it.

The laser on the other hand produces a beam of light which is extremely focused and has the same frequency...

We all know what a laser is capable of.

In meditation you do the same: you train your mind to be able to produce a much greater focus and thus bring much more power behind your thoughts.

In short, you learn to project your intent with lase focus.

leren mediteren om beter te focussen en te concentreren

Health Benefits

A lot of scientific research has been done into the positive effects of meditation.

The list is pretty long, but I will share the most important things here. As a result of meditation people can experience these benefits:

Because all of those things and because of the false, inadequate or incomplete information that is available on meditation and energy cultivation, with all the problems this creates, I decided to teach....

A Course On
The Secrets Of Mind Power, Meditation
& Energy Cultivation

I didn't want to just create some random course, so I first thought carefully about what such a course for mental and energetic training should contain.

What is this program NOT?

It isn't some vague story promising you enlightenment in a single day. It is also not something filled with only vague theories and woolly air fairy things.

Not something like The Secret either, where people are promised a lot but are not given the tools to make those promises a reality consistently. Ok it is great that people are being made aware of the power of their thoughts, but unfortunately you are being sold the illusion that you can use the full power of your mind without training it.

No, it had to become a results oriented step by step program on mental training and energy cultivation.

meditatie cursus workshop leren mediteren

What  Will You Be Learning In This Program?

Here are some of the things you will learn in this course

Who Shouldn't Do This Course?

Lets be honest here, a program like this is not for everyone.

Of course it will be harder if you have serious physical or mental issues.

People who are looking for a airy fairy story with nice and comfortable visualizations, probably will find this training mentally to tough and won't have the proper motivation to actually be doing these techniques.

If you are looking for a magic pill to gain quasi instant enlightenment without having to put in any effort at all, then this program is not what you are looking for..

IIf you can make your mind so peaceful that you even stay calm and still when all the Zen Buddhist around you jump up in the air, this program might not have so much to offer you.

In case you can't dedicate at least 30 minutes two to three times per weak to sit quietly for your mental and energetic training - like you are doing sport for your soul - you simply lack the strong motivation and will power which you need in order to be successful with these type of exercises.

People who can effortlessly keep their mind concentrated in complete stillness on a single visualization for at least an hour, without even a single thought popping up, while they don't even notice the legs of a fly walking over their face... don't really have to do this course neither.

So How Do You Know If This Program Is For You?

If you aren't sure if the type of meditation that you are doing actually brings you closer to awakening your greater human potential... the chances are you are using a wrong method for this purpose. And you would benefit from learning a method which teaches you step by step exactly what you should be doing to reach these levels of mind.

If you sometimes fall asleep during meditation, you are doing something wrong which can probably easily be fixed. In this program you will discover what to do.

You want to bring your concentration and mind power to completely new heights? Then discover here how to increase your mind power tremendously.

You have had enough of vague theoretical courses and just want the practical step by step training so you can actually experience yourself what it is all about?

You have read about or seen movies about the incredible powers of martial arts masters and would like to train your mind and energy to get access to such seemingly supernatural abilities? This training will give you the secrets.

You can achieve good meditation even on a chair.

... or sitting on the ground.

Experience powerful energy cultivation exercises.

What Is In This Program

In a nutshell, this is what you can expect in the course: Meditation & Energy Cultivation...

Part 1: Meditation  & Mental Training For Mind Power And Concentration

Part 2: Energy Cultivation - Increasing Your Energetic Potential

Increasing your energetic potential is traditionally a well kept secret and one of the things reserved for a select inner circle.

How can you know if your energy training effectively increase your energetic potential, fill the dan tien?
The answer is simple, except for a few things which you can observe from your daily life, you can't really know for sure... unless a master of sufficient high level in the energy branch of spiritual development checks it for your.

But such people are not easy to find. So it is no wonder that worldwide only a handful of people have had the opportunity to have their exercises for energetic development tested. Most of them returned disappointed... after years, often decades, of training.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that feeling more energy equals having more energy, a higher energetic potential.
Feeling more energy or feeling the energy with a stronger sensation, in most cases just means that your sensitivity for the energy went up. Not that your actual energy levels went up.

In these modern times exercises for energy circulation are wildly available. These are good for health or as a hobby, but don't have much to do with real spiritual growth and the development of the greater human potential.

I belong to a handful of people of which their energetic training was tested and proven effective to actually increase the energetic potential and fill the dan tien.

After years of traveling and using my own body as lab for the inner alchemy, I received the confirmation from high level masters that I was on the right track. Of course I will be instructing you based on this experience in this course.
You will be learning techniques of which I know that they work and which have been proven for their effectivity.

You can see one of the people who tested my accomplishments in the video below.
In this video he explains how he can use his extra energy for healing. Be sure to watch the demonstration at the end... where he burns a hole through a piece of paper with his energy. And in case you would doubt it... Yes this is real.

Part 3: Magic - Everything Put Into Practice

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