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  • The Zensation Manual

The Zensation Manual provides you with the basic skills and a rational frame. Learn how to feel and see energy and auras. Increase your psychic energy and become a master of your emotions. And much more...

During this promotion just  $67  instead of  $97.

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  • Ultra Dynamic Mind

Ultra Dynamic Mind teaches you how to function with conscious attention in the subconscious levels of your mind.  And gives you access to healing, manifesting, reaching goals, changing habits, telepathy and clairvoyance. And much more...

During this holiday promotion just  $249 instead of $297.

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  • Mind Power Sounds

These mp3s contain the most advanced audio technology  to alter your state of consciousness. Meditation and reaching a meditative state becomes very easy this way.
There are 2 mp3s:
Alpha Breath gives you an easy meditation technique by following the sound of a bell with your breath. In the meantime the specially coded frequencies bring your brain into a relaxed meditative state.
Alpha Theta is a little bit more advanced and can be used when you already know a meditation technique but would like to be able to stay in that state of consciousness a bit longer. The specially coded audio frequencies help you to stay in that meditative state for a longer amount of time.

During this holiday promotion just $ 24.95 instead of  $39.95.

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The Zensation Manual

Ultra Dynamic Mind

Mind Power Sounds