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Below you find a selection from some of the courses from the Greater Human Potential Academy  with special discounts...

These special offers are only valid for orders placed through the special links on this page and are valid until midnight December 31, 2019.

Part of the sales during this promotion will be donated to the charity  the Little Hearts Organisation in Cambodia
(More about all of this at the bottom of this page)

  • The Zensation Manual

The Zensation Manual provides you with the basic skills and a rational frame. Learn how to feel and see energy and auras. Increase your psychic energy and become a master of your emotions. And much more...

During this promotion just  $67  instead of  $97.

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  • Ultra Dynamic Mind

Ultra Dynamic Mind teaches you how to function with conscious attention in the subconscious levels of your mind.  And gives you access to healing, manifesting, reaching goals, changing habits, telepathy and clairvoyance. And much more...

During this holiday promotion just  $249 instead of $297.

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  • Mind Power Sounds

These mp3s contain the most advanced audio technology  to alter your state of consciousness. Meditation and reaching a meditative state becomes very easy this way.
There are 2 mp3s:
Alpha Breath gives you an easy meditation technique by following the sound of a bell with your breath. In the meantime the specially coded frequencies bring your brain into a relaxed meditative state.
Alpha Theta is a little bit more advanced and can be used when you already know a meditation technique but would like to be able to stay in that state of consciousness a bit longer. The specially coded audio frequencies help you to stay in that meditative state for a longer amount of time.

During this holiday promotion just $ 24.95 instead of  $39.95.

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The Zensation Manual

Ultra Dynamic Mind

Mind Power Sounds

Giving Back...

Part of the proceeds of the sales made during this holiday promotion will be donated to:

I refuse to support charities where the organizers afford themselves the huge salary of a top CEO and where a big chunk of the donations get lost in administrative costs and wages.

I prefer to support charities where the majority of the donations does go to the cause itself.

Little Hearts is such an organisation.

The people running it only take a modest sallery and activley limit the expenses, in order to have as much of the funds as possible go directly to their project.

The Little Hearts Orphanage was established after its founders had been confronted first hand with the poverty and distressing situations in Cambodia.

The orphanage provides a home and education for the orphans as well as for many poor children in the area. Little Hearts provides both the orphans as the kids from the surroundings with free education, books and study materials.

Within the education and daily activities they don't impose a Western culture, but try to provide in activities based in their own Cambodian culture, like Khmer dance.

The orphanage offers a place where the children can play without worries. Safe from the mines that are still laying everywhere in the country.

The children also learn how to swim. Something which is not obvious in Asia, where the majority of the children and adults can't swim.

The organisation tries to raise the childern from their childhood all the way up to responsible young adults who can take care of themselves.

The children help in the housekeeping with things like cleaning, cooking and gardening.

They are also taught how to take care and protect the environment and grow their own vegetables and fruit. This all really starts with the upbringing in these third world countries.

They explain it better in their own clip...