How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work

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  • Oona says:

    Hello, Conrad,
    I liked your story explaining how the law of attraction works. But there’s something I don’t get. You said only people having huge energy can make it work. You also said you have to put desires in motion. So does this mean that not everybody has access to this mechanism? And does this mean we can only attract outcomes that depend on our actions? Let’s say I’m on an island and my wish is to go home, on the mainland. What do I need? A raft. So I take action and build a raft. But I realize there’s a constant storm on the ocean and the raft I built doesn’t help me. Now I need something that does not depend on me: the storm to stop, or a ship passing by that will rescue me. What action can I take now?

    • Conrad Raw says:

      I didn’t say something like that about energy.
      I say the law of attraction is fundamentally flawed. It is actually creating that is done.
      One of the keys is energy. Energy is charged with a specific intent. The higher ones energetic potential (aka higher energy level), the more energy can be charged with this intent.
      Hence the second part of your question, it is framed in the notion of attracting, which is wrong. It is creating. From that frame it is easier to conceive that things which you call depending on your actions can be influenced as well as things not depending on your actions.
      The notion of depending on your actions is only true for a very limited part of reality.
      Who says the storm stopping or the ship passing by is not depending on your actions?
      I have thought several students how to make the rain go away. It is a skill that can be taught and repeated.
      Everything is connected and every action has a consequence.