Discover The 3 Secrets To
Fast & Consistent Manifestation

During this presentation of about one hour you will discover what the 3 essential elements are to make the law of attraction work...

and how you can improve each of these elements to bring your results to record heights.

This  webinar is for you if:

  • you had results with the Law of Attraction in some cases, but not in other instances,
  • or if you find the concept of manifesting interesting but you didn't get much results with it yet,
  • or even if you can manifest pretty succesfuly, but just have a feeling that you could improve your results even more if only you knew how.

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Please note that spaces are limited.

Your host: Conrad Raw

Conrad Raw is co-author with Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy & Jack Canfield and is the founder of the Greater Human Potential Academy where people can learn how to develop and use the hidden powers of their mind.
He also developed the Bio Energetic Trance therapy (BET)

About the host

My name is Conrad Raw and my mission is to teach people how they can develop and use the power of their mind in real life. I'm determined to fulfill this mission with the highest integerety.

From a young age I have been studying the powers of the human mind and the posibiites of manifestation and the law of attraction.

After getting my degree in law, I started to travel around the world searching for methods to activate the extra potential of the human mind.

The last few years I have spend a lot of time in Asia, where I had the opportunity to study with very advanced spiritual masters and traditional healers.

Through this website I want to share my experience with manifesting with you, and give you a  faster, and more direct approach to get the results you are looking for.

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