Open The Gate To The Unlimited Powers Of Your Mind
 And Awaken Your Full Potential

How would it be, if you came into direct contact with a higher level of consciousness
and discovered that it could help you achieve your dreams and deepest desires?

And what if this contact was established in a very easy way and in less than a minute?

This is:
Ultra Dynamic Mind

Take a look at your own life… do you have everything you want?
Or do you passively watch what comes by?

Have you stopped creating the ideal life of which you once dreamed?

If you have a desire to increase your potential as human being and if you want to have a strong impact on the world around you, than this information will be of great importance to you.

The one thing I can tell you straight away is that it’s all is within your reach and I will provide you with the techniques to turn your dreams into reality.

But… one warning:

What I’m about to reveal to you,
will go against what a lot of well known self-help gurus have been telling you

I’m sure you have heard of affirmations, goal setting courses, creative visualization and meditation? Hundreds of courses provide you with these techniques, yet only a couple give you the complete picture or allow you to achieve real breakthroughs. Why?

First of all there is this category of motivational speakers which are mainly focused on bringing you to an emotional peak during their performance, but are lacking real substance. They don't provide you with the techniques and tools to keep you motivated and in an optimal state of being.

You won’t notice it at the moment itself, because of the emotional peak state, but after a while this peak state will be gone and there is often nothing left to do for you than to go to such a “show” again to get your next “high”.

I don’t like that sort of thing because fundamentally it doesn’t teach you anything and just keeps pulling you along.

Next, there are a lot of courses which are focused on transferring logical information. Often principles and mental strategies that in order to work require you to change your beliefs, self-image or view on life...

Yet all of these are controlled by the subconscious mind and are difficult to change at the level of the rational conscious mind. These techniques will therefore only work when they accidentally get downloaded into your subconscious mind. Unfortunately for most people, that will not happen.

The Secret is such an example where they tell you what to do but not how to do it. In conversations I had with some of the people from the movie, they even admitted that it wasn't even their intention to do so.

One has to reach the level of the subconscious mind, and learn how to function at that level with full awareness, since that is where your beliefs and self-image can be found and changed.

Ultra Dynamic Mind

A powerful dynamic form of meditation… goes way beyond all this.

It will teach you how to use your mind in such a powerful way, that within just a couple of days, you can use extra sensory perception and heal yourself and others.

Recently the United States as well as Russia admitted that during the cold war they heavily funded the research into extra sensory perception  to gather information. Officially they are no longer involved with it. Yet, ESP was used to find the hideout of Saddam Hussein…

After the first war in Iraq, Saddam seemed to have put together his own team of people who master remote viewing. The Bulgarian government is pretty advanced with the use of these methods. China also became rather advanced in this area. And the list goes on.

Extra sensory perception is still a valuable skill and helps large amounts of people all over the world to improve their lives at all levels: relationships, business, financial, personal development and health.

There will be moments at which people have to make important decisions in their lives, maybe even very important decisions, sometimes the information available through the 5 senses might not be enough to be able to make such a decision. Remote viewing will give you access to the information and insights you need.

Research on the lives of extremely successful people, showed that there is something they have in common: a big part of them has at a certain moment in their lives, received an insight or an intuition of which they have no idea where it came from. I will not only teach you where such a “vision” comes from, I will also teach you how to get them at will.

In short, I will teach you to do things with your mind which you never imagined possible.

I will teach you how to find your purpose in this life and how you can use the power of your creative mind to move powerfully into the direction of that goal.

I also teach you how to do extra sensory perception. This is a method which enables you to access information at a different geographical location or time, using something else than your five known senses.

Discover your Balance Zone

Your brain produces electrical signals in a certain frequency. Scientists discovered that the frequency at which your brain is sending out these signals corresponds with the state of consciousness you are in at that given moment.

Meditation Brainwaves

They make a distinction between the beta level: this is the waking mind, where you are focused on external stimuli and function on a rational level.

Brainwaves in meditation

And then there is the alpha level: this is the subconscious, where your focus is more inward and you can change your beliefs and self-image, and can also access your intuition. After the first day of training you will be able to access this level in about one minute.

Alpha brainwaves in active meditation

There is an even deeper level: the theta level, where you can access even deeper regions of your mind. Here you can access information outside the range of the physical body and reach an enormous creativity and intuition.

Theta brainwaves during meditation

Then there is the delta level, very deep in the subconscious mind. It is the point yogis reach consciously after years of training. I will teach you how to work at this level of mind after just two days through a backdoor by using the natural processes in your mind. 

delta brainwaves of advanced yogi meditator with psychic powers

More recently scientist discovered the gamma frequency. It was first observed in monks while they were focusing on universal compassion from within a deep meditative state.

Brainwaves of meditation master monk

Ultra Dynamic Mind is the first personal development program in the world using cutting edge audio technology to train your brain to access these different states of consciousness.

Once you have finished the training program you can access these powerful levels of mind at will. Whenever and wherever you want.

Greater Human Potential Students

Ultra Dynamic Mind students checking out their brainwaves.

Transform you personal development:

This method improves your mind powers, your memory and creativity. This technology can help you in finding your life purpose, strengthens your contact with higher intelligence, and gives you the opportunity to get guidance from higher intelligence to fulfill your personal life mission.

Transform your carrier and job:

Do you want a better job? An increase in your salary?

Do you want to do something more useful, interesting or something that gives you more fulfillment?

Do you want to start your own business? More costumers? Better employees? Better job conditions?

Use this method to discover the problem areas and to let people know you have the  solution. Use this method to find out how you can do your job better, whatever your job might be. And then use this method to help you act on your decisions.

Transform your relationships:

  • Discover the problems in the relationship, even before they start to develop themselves.

  • Discover the needs of the other person so that you can respond to them accordingly.

  • Use this method to discover where  invisible walls might have grown between you and your partner, old wounds you had forgotten… or of which you didn’t even know they existed… misunderstandings that never got resolved adequately.  
  • Use this method to reach a deep inner level of rapport… and witness the changes occurring in the real world.
  • Transform your health:

    Find health issues in yourself or other people and bring them back to optimal health.

    The Dutch Railways company made use of this program to improve the well being of their employees.

    "Hello Conrad,
    I’ve received your DVDs in good condition and already watched them and it is in one word FANTASTIC. I can’t say anything more about them.

    I will now work with this step by step to really master it, but it worked immediately. It is unbelievable, the amount of positive energy you get.

    Every time I’ve been in alpha, it feels like I’m a little bit high. I walk around with a smile until in the evening (I also have to laugh a lot more), and really have this feeling of happiness, like I can take on the whole world. For the first time I think something like: “Life is just beautiful.” Thank you a thousand times!
    And if you ever plan on doing something in Holland, I want to be part of it. Because in this way you can mean a whole lot to other people.
    Thanks again.


    "I have now begun with dvd3, I practice regularly. This night I had an amazing dream, I was very conscious, like I was awake in the dream.

    I saw a square window like the screens we imagine, in that window the light of eternity (it felt like that). Beautiful experience. The source of everything, especially light. I would want to find this again every night if I can! Continue with your inspiration, I am happy that you are here!

    Ellen, Belgium

    "You did an outstanding job with putting this DVD series together. They are very useful to me. You got better and better along the way."

    Jan, The Netherlands

    "Greetings Conrad,
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my hearth for these DVDs. You present the subject very clear & practical. I will integrate this into my life."

    Veerle & Herman, The Netherlands

    "About your course and its effect on me personally, I can say that up to now I get the most benefit from the brain-integration. That is really spectacular. By doing this for a month now, I’m balanced. Very simple

    While, before I was slung up and down by emotions… and could not find balance within myself. So I was lead by emotion, not by my soul. Because of the simple exercises and the southing way of following along with the course on DVD, there is now total peace within me.
    The breathing exercises, I do them daily, the exercise with the legs too. The moments that emotions want to take over, because the Ego still wants to win, I do the exercise with the fingers like you explain.
    Really Conrad, it is really special what you teach."

    Manuela, Spain

    Ultra Dynamic Mind

    Insights from decades of scientific studies combined with spirituality in a training program that delivers results and transforms lives.

    Ultra Dynamic Mind Workshop

    This is what you will learn:

    1. Complete Brain Integration

    Your brain consist out of two hemispheres. A left and a right hemisphere. In our culture we almost exclusively work with the left hemisphere and this on the beta level of mind. In this way we only have access to a very limited part of our potential and abilities.

    I will teach you simple methods to integrate both hemispheres and use them simultaneously. This will allow you to access more of your potential and give you greater creativity. You will also be able to completely remove stress out of your life with this.

    2. A higher energy level

    Another important key element in manifesting your wishes, is that you need enough psychic energy. I will teach you an effective technique to increase it.

    3. Learn how to meditate deeper than a monk

    Next I will teach you about levels of consciousness and how to reach the alpha level. A deeper state of consciousness which people reach during meditation. This alpha brainwave level relates to intuition and extra sensory perception.

    I will teach you how to access this state of consciousness in less than a minute, where and whenever you want.

    This skill on its own is very valuable. You are probable aware of  the many  positive effects of meditation. Meditation has shown to have a good effect on depression, helps to control pain, reduce fear, slow down the growth of cancers, improving the immune system and lowering the blood pressure.

    Next you will learn how to go even deeper...

    With the outdated techniques you only get to the alpha level, where the slightest distraction will bring you back to the beta level of the conscious mind where these techniques don’t work. With this updated and improved version you will be able to function consciously at the theta level. This means that when distracted you will only move up into alpha and thus can still effectively use all these techniques. In short, a much more powerful method.

    Already during your training you will be able to meditate and relax your mind and body within one minute. Stress, headaches, tensions, anger and insomnia will be a thing of the past.

    4. Control your self-image

    Your self-image consist of the beliefs you have about you and your interaction with the outside world. It can define your limits and thus put limits on to your potential and hold you down.

    Imagine if you were a runner believing you could only do your lap in 10 seconds and you changed your self-image to allow you to belief you could do it in 9?

    Or if your self-image limited you into believing that getting 10 sales a week was your maximum… and you changed it so it became part of yourself that you normally get 15 sales a week?

    And what if you had the negative self-image that led you to believe you can’t get a date? What if you changed this so it became part of your reality that you get dates easily and effortlessly?

    Maybe you have a fear of public speaking? How would it be if you changed your self-image so that you always give great speeches without any fear?

    The possibilities are truly endless…

    I will teach you a method that allows you to enter the deeper levels of your mind, where your self-image is residing, and will teach you how to change it so that it supports you in a constructive way to reach your goals and create the life you truly desire.

    This fits together with changing deeply rooted beliefs. With this technique you will be able to replace limiting beliefs with more constructive ones that are in line with your ideal world.

    5. Activate your healing powers and
    develop your extra sensory perception

    Once you have learned how to access this level of consciousness, I will teach you how to use the latent abilities of your mind. You will be able – by just getting the names and locations of random people you don’t know - to give information about their health condition through your intuition.

    You will then be able to use an easy technique for remote healing to help these people and to increase their speed and chances of recovery. In the last decennium scientific proof became available proving the positive effect of remote healing.

    Imagine that you could always access information or higher levels of consciousness, which could help you make the right decisions in life and to fulfill your life purpose.

    6. Use your mind to create beneficial coincidences

    Once you are able to detect if you are moving in the right direction to fulfill your life purpose, you will be taught how to use powerful visualization techniques to solve problems which would keep you from reaching this goal.

    The moment you know your life purpose, you will see barriers to achieving it melt like snow for the sun. Coincidences will occur that will guide you to success and happiness.

    Once you are on the right path, you can actually CREATE coincidences to bring you to a solution and break through barriers.

    People have mentioned being able to speed up their healing process with this too and amaze their doctors. Salespeople have seen spectacular raises in their commissions. Others solved relationship issues. Many have been able to achieve their dreams and goals with an incredible ease.

    On top of that you will learn two very powerful techniques:

    The first technique teaches you to program your mind to help you reach your goal. This technique not only brings a powerful internal motivation but also creates external coincidences. Things you might have thought of as being outside of your control. You will discover that you can control your own luck.

    Manifesting is not a glorified form of goal setting, as it is being presented in general now, it is directly influencing your reality by charging energy with specific information and intent. This is how you create your own reality!

    A second technique will teach you how to access your higher consciousness while you are sleeping, and use this to get answers about complex issues. This help can come in the form of dreams, ideas or even coincidences in the physical world which contain meaningful signals.

    Ultra Dynamic Mind

    Ultra Dynamic Mind DVD set

    Normally this is an intensive course that takes 2 full days. Now you can get it completely on DVD. This way you can practice at your own pace. With an easy division in chapters and with the quick start chart, you can easily refer back to something and watch it again if needed.

    To summarize, this is what you get with the Ultra Dynamic Mind Home Study DVD Course:

    Module 1

    Module 2

    Module 3

    Module 4

    And there are even some nice extras:

    Bonus 1:
    Techniques for more energy

    I will teach you 2 very effective methods to raise your energy levels. I’ve made sure that all the small, yet important, details are clearly filmed.

    Bonus 2:
    The Quick Start Chart

    With this you can quickly see the right order to watch the DVDs. It also tells you the contents of every chapter of every DVD so you can easily search and find something.

    Bonus 3:
    Practice Targets for ESP

    I reveal my personal source of targets to practice remote viewing or Extra Sensory Perception.

    This will allow you to practice with targets of which you don’t have any knowledge beforehand.

    This is very useful to test yourself, handy when you don’t have a partner to practice with and especially an effective tool to advance quickly in your abilities.

    I will also explain you how you can make your own practice targets.

    Bonus 4:
    Ultra Dynamic Mind Training Guide

    This useful guide contains some extra tips and clarifications on several subjects covered in the course.

    Bonus 5:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here I answer the most important questions, the ones I know from experience that people ask during my seminars.

    What is your investment?

    What does the complete set cost?
    Hmm… some courses offer you only a fraction of what I will teach you here and cost multiple times what seems reasonable...
    You can have the complete Ultra Dynamic Mind Home Study Course for US$ 297,- 


    Any questions before ordering? Feel free to contact us

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