Discover The 3 Keys To Activate The Hidden Powers Of Your Mind:

Over the years I have synthesized everything you need in order to awaken your full potential. It boils down to 3 key elements. These keys are the result of years of experience, from me as well as my students, and comparing many different systems for personal and spiritual growth.

The 3 elements are:
1) A rational framework.
2) Being able to change your state of consciousness.
3) Raising your energy levels.

Every system, anywhere in the world, which provides people with a structured and systematic method to activate the full power of their mind and extra abilities, contains one or more of these elements.

So over the centuries these are the core elements people had to work on in order to awaken their full potential.

The rational framework:

You need a coherent rational framework in which you can place all the different parts of the puzzle in the right way. Without a rational frame in which you can order your experiences, insights and information, you can spend a whole lifetime on searching and studying all the different pieces of the puzzle, but …

as long as you don’t know how to put all the different pieces together, you can never reach the optimal effect.

You would still be in the dark about the next step to take on your path. This would create a vicious cycle in which the seeker goes from course to course, reads more and more books, without experiencing any real breakthroughs.

There will never be a synergy in which each of the different parts strenghten and enhance the others.

Having a rational frame, a blueprint, allows you to understand:

  • The different stages on the path of your spiritual evolution. And in return this allows you to know what you still need to learn or what the next step in your personal growth process is.When you know where you are, in what stage of your evolution, and where you want to get, getting there becomes so much easier.
  • How each of the different parts fit together, how you can put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Your growth can speed up tremendously when this becomes clear for you. Each course you do would no longer be a separate thing, but a part in a whole chain with a purpose and a specific and clear direction.
  • How you can see your real life experiences as part of a bigger whole.