The next key element for your spiritual evolution and personal growth is mastering and further developing your consciousness.

The majority of courses on personal and spiritual growth don’t go beyond transferring rational knowledge at the level of the conscious mind.

While for real breakthroughs you need practical information and  apply it at the level of consciousness which is best suited for that.

In psychometry for example, where you touch an object and immediately are able to tell things about its owner, it is essential to operate from the subconscious level of mind.

Your subconscious mind can then tap into the collective consciousness and obtain information which is not limited by space nor time.

For changing your self image, increasing your self confidence or to change bad habits, you make things much harder for yourself if you are trying to do that at the level of the conscious mind.

Yet this is what most books and courses teach you. Everything becomes much easier when you make these type of changes at the appropriate level of consciousness.

So why is it that this almost never taught?

Because not many people know the importance and the function of the different states of consciousness.

Also, some people  prefer that you don’t know this because it makes many things MUCH more effective. This is one of the most important keys for raising your potential to new heights. Break free from the limitations that society, school or culture have programmed into you.

This also enables you to learn how to use the latent abilities of your mind in a repeatable and systematic manner. Abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance and remote viewing become very natural.

Having a good rational framework allows you to know which level of consciousness is the most optimal for your goals. Specific techniques that only few people know, than allow you to enter the level of consciousness of your choice at will.