Energy… this is also a very important key.

Energy is the fuel for getting access to abilities of which people might have tried to make you believe they are only attainable for ascetic yogis.

By having rational frame, a blueprint, you know the right level of consciousness to manifest your dreams, make them into reality. But without  enough energy, you don’t have anything to charge with this intent…

No bridge between mind and matter.

Not many people have a thorough knowledge of working with energy. Let alone real world experience. That is why they just don’t tell you anything about it or share half information at best.

Someone might follow a course on healing or reiki, for example, without learning about energy or how to increase their own level of energy. This is why in my workshops, I regularly encountered energy therapists, healers, who were totally drained.

By just expanding your consciousness, for example, without ever training with energy, you can never develop your full potential.

Also, by just working with energy without developing the power of your mind, you lack the power needed to direct this energy in the most powerful ways.

So there are 3 elements that are crucial for your growth and evolution:
1) A rational frame, a blueprint.
2) Mastering different states of consciousness.
3) Increasing your energetic potential, raising your level of energy.