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The Banned Speech Of Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake writes about scientific ideas and experiments that are on the edge of what is currently known on the nature of reality. It was his research on “telephone telepathy” that lead to me doing a demonstration of telepathy on a European TV channel. A few months ago Rupert Sheldrake gave a speech at a […]


Telepathic Rats? Telepatic Communication With Animals

Scientist have been experimenting with brain – to – brain communication between rats. Of course it is not such a far fetched thing to wonder if the brain isn’t transmitting some sort of signal anyway…. …apart from the electronic, which can be received and understood by another brain. But that is not the direction of […]


Mental Protection Through Mind Power

I was sitting outside, doing some work with the laptop… when a group of wild dogs approached me. I don’t know if you ever been surrounded by a dozen wild dogs… while sitting down and with no one around… So I decided to just sit very quietly. Mentally I went over all of my options. […]


Does Your Brain Have Telepathic And Empathic Powers?

While doing research on which parts of the brain are active when monkeys do certain actions, researchers noted something odd. During the research a sound was produced each time a certain part of the monkey brain became active. One of the researchers ate a nut, and to his surprise… a sound was heard!   The […]


The Dark Side Of Mind Power Training

During the Cold War there was not only a race for the best weapons… There was also a race to learn how to use the power of  the mind. After rumors about parapschygological experiments in the Soviet Union, the United States also started to look into remote viewing. In one of these experiments the skills […]

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