PHASE I : Build  The Foundation

The Zensation Manual: The Forbidden Secrets of Personal and Energetic Development

Get a solid rational framework and lots of practical exercises to build a powerful starting point for your spiritual and personal growth.

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PHASE  II : Master Different States of Consciousness

Ultra Dynamic Mind DVD Homestudy Course

Access different states of consciousness with this step by step progressive training. Allow ing you to delve deep into the subconscious mind within 1 minute. Discover how to use the powers of your mind for faster manifesting, psychic dreams, healing, remote healing, remote viewing, telepathy. Use this training to create the life you want, create synchronicity, contact your higher self, command luck into your life.

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PHASE  III : Master Cultivating Energy

Develop higher states of mental concentration, increase your mind power, learn telepathy and empathy and conscious creation magic by using increased mental power and energy. Learn energy cultivation techniques to increase your inner power, fuel your growth and activate kundalini gradually and safely.

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Kundalini & Chakra Activation Retreat:

Kundalini & Chakra Activation Retreat

One week intensive training program containing, energy cultivation, meditation, chakra and aura cleaning, healing instructions and healing sessions, breathing techniques, psychic powers, psychic protection and much more:
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