Telepathic Rats? Telepatic Communication With Animals

Scientist have been experimenting with brain – to – brain communication between rats.

Of course it is not such a far fetched thing to wonder if the brain isn’t transmitting some sort of signal anyway….

…apart from the electronic, which can be received and understood by another brain.

But that is not the direction of thought that these scientists want to follow.

The research is framed in a material frame, where they try to make some sort of biological netwerk of computers.

But what if there already was such a netwerk?

What if the human consciousness is already capable to communicate with the consciousness of others?

That is what telepathy is about of course.

Other research already proved that when people are strongly connected, and there is a change in the brain activity of one of them…

this provides a measurable reaction in the brain activity of the other – connected – person.

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It teaches you how to establish direct consciousness – to – consciousness, between people or animals.

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