The Banned Speech Of Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake writes about scientific ideas and experiments that are on the edge of what is currently known on the nature of reality.

It was his research on “telephone telepathy” that lead to me doing a demonstration of telepathy on a European TV channel.

A few months ago Rupert Sheldrake gave a speech at a local, independent branch of the TED conference.

What he said there led to s lot of controversy.

As a result of that TED out of panic, decided to let a anonymous committee of
scientist judge about the content.

Since the content directly questions long held dogma’s in modern science, it is no wonder that they deemed the content not suitable for general publication.

The TED organization responded to this by removing the video from their official
youtube channel and ban it to a dark corner on their blog.

Since the message which Sheldrake shares in this video is so important, I have
decided to share it here on the blog.

In The Evolution Manifesto I state that science these days often takes the form of a religion.

Characterized by blind faith in long held beliefs.

The paradigm, the set of rules through which modern science looks at the world, isn’t complete enough to explain all the phenomena of consciousness.

Even worse, the element of consciousness is often deemed irrelevant, not taken into account or to annoying in modern science.

Yet this doesn’t mean that the phenomena of consciousness which are now called supernatural, paranormal, psychic, can’t be approached by using the scientific method.

It requires that we dare and are allowed to question long held believes in science though.

History teaches us that this isn’t so easy.

Think about the whole issue were people strongly clang to the believe that earth was flat and ridiculed or attacked every other idea.

During the Rennesaince we tried to have science describe the nature of reality instead
of religion.

Now in the 21st century the science seems to have taken over the role of religion with a new collection of rigid believes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love science and am aware of the numerous advancements made possible because of science.

At the same time I’m aware of the shortcomings and incompleteness of modern science.

All of the modern scientific research is being done through a lens.

As long as we don’t question that lens itself or accept that it can change, this is holding back the further evolution of the human species.

The key to the further evolution of man lays in understanding the secrets of consciousness.

For a greater human potential I give you the banned video of Sheldrake his speech: