The Dark Side Of Mind Power Training

During the Cold War there was not
only a race for the best weapons…

There was also a race to learn how
to use the power of  the mind.

After rumors about parapschygological
experiments in the Soviet Union, the United
States also started to look into remote

In one of these experiments
the skills of the participants
were tested by hiding a map
to a location in a fault.

The participant with the envelop
had to go to the location on his
map. A location he didn’t know

Another person, the observer, had
to use his mind to detect and describe
what the other person could observe at
that location.

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The results were very accurate.

There was a more dark side to this
story though.

Some of the experiments were
 focused on mental influencing.

In 1978, during a chess competition
between Karpov en Korchnoi,
a Russian KGB agent was present…

This was doctor Zuchar, who had
trained his mental powers specifically
for influencing people from a distance.

Zuchar focused his attention on 
Korchnoi, in order to disturb
his concentration.

Korchnoi lost the game.

There is also a positive use for this
kind of power, luckily.

For exmple another player was
assisted by a powerful healer in
order to support him with positive
energy through telepathy.

As you notice, the technology is
ehtically neutral, yet the people
behind it make the difference.

I will be releasing more information
on how to develop this kind of telepathy
soon… stay tuned.

Care to share your thoughts on this kind of
mind powers? Drop a line below…

  • Alice says:

    psychic powers are real. they are in every proesn. its just a matter of how much you develop them, or if you third eye has opened. ever wonder why people can sense ghosts? its psychic powers. and it isn’t really a power, more like a gift. everyone is gifted. there is no proof because it is beyond our understanding, but i assure you, it is in fact real. very real

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    Really nice info you have here, gracias

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