Going With The Flow For Rapid Spiritual Decline

An interesting question from a subscriber:

“Dear Conrad,

My question is how you can be at two different places at the same
time with your consciousness. eg driving the car I see everything,
yet still I’m somewhere else. (how can I best be at 1 place?)

Another question people say you should go with the flow and take
things as they come.
I have whiplash and have to pull heavy beds at my work,
which hurts me a lot.
How do I deal with that, if I don’t want to do it does that
mean I go against the flow?
And how do you stand up for yourself without going against
the flow, that I don’t understand?
Can you explain it to me?

Your newsletters are very interesting, I learn a lot from them too.

Greetings Waheeda”

Dear Waheerda,

What you mention about the conscious awareness being
split, is an important realization and question.

In most people their awareness is on many more than
just two places.

Wherever attention goes, energy follows. That means
their energies are all over the place too.

In modern society there is the habit of multi tasking,
and there are many external things demanding our
attention at the same time.

The management of attention becomes thus hyper

Many very successful people know the value of focused

It can be compared to the rays of light emitted by a light
bulb, which go in all directions…

versus those of a laser, which are highly concentrated and
can burn through metal.

The same is true for the power of the mind.
If it is scattered all over the place, it has no power.
If you concentrate it, amazing powers become available.

So then, how can you be in one place?
This is the essence of mindfulness. Placing the conscious
awareness in a single moment or action.

First you use your awareness to notice this scattered

Next, you use your will to take control over it.

One of the easiest way to do that is start noticing
your breath.
Count how long you inhale…
counting how long you exhale.

When you do that, you will notice right away that
your conscious awareness comes back in to focus.

For your other question…
You can already see the answer in what I
wrote above…

This whole concept of going with the flow, is
something stemming from a hippy flower power
type of spirituality.

A type of spirituality more concerned with
hugy feelings than with actual real world results.

You notice in what I wrote above, that it takes
conscious, voluntary action… control, to grab the
mind and pull awareness together… out of that
scattered state.

If you are driving a car and a horse jumps on to
the road… or a reindeer… I believe it is the season
for it now…

… will you go with the flow and keep driving your
same speed and in the same lane?

Or would you take control, hit the brake and
adjust your lane?

Going with the flow is about not
having frustrations, negative emotions
about the outcomes of your actions
or about things that happen in live.

It is about not being attached to the
lane you were driving in and not having
frustrations when you need to adjust it
in order to optimize your path.

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