Iyengar: Use Your Body To Control Your Mind

Last weak Iyengar passed away.

One of the founders, fathers of modern yoga.

What I saw, when I saw Iyengar working with his students, was an eye for detail and precision,
a master of his art.

Iyengar started doing yoga when he had tuberculosis and some other health issues,
because of which he couldn’t even touch his knee.

Through yoga he transformed his health, body and mind.

Eventually he reached a point where he could, comfortably, lay his two legs in his neck.

In this old, black and white, film, he talks about the connection between physical training and mind control.

He gives some demonstrations of what the human body is capable of with proper training and discipline.

Feel like training your body and mind?

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  • RMAU says:

    Our students who dedicate themselves to a regular practice—which can be as easy as committing to class one day a week while practicing at home—find the long-term benefits of Iyengar Yoga reflected in their daily lives in many ways. To name a few, Iyengar Yoga improves the quality of your health, increases mindfulness, and taps a well of gratitude inside that flows outward into the world around you.