The State Of The Human Evolution [2016]

I’m still observing an evolution in which humanity is mainly focused on technological advancement.

External evolution.

An much less on inner evolution.

The inner, spiritual evolution of course doesn’t stop, since it is a core human

A lot of the technological advancements puts more pressure on the human mind to process more stimuli and information at a higher pace.

This forces more and more people to find ways to somewhat deal with their own mind.

They then taste a bit of that with methods like mindfulness.

So there is a small movement in that direction as a result of the technological growth.

Ultimately the true potential of the human mind is still far in the background.

At the time of this writing, there is research being done on techniques to use virtual reality to reduce pain.

This technology uses one of the most powerful abilities of the human mind:


Only this time the technology does it for you.

By using virtual reality glasses, your world is changed in real time.

This technology has been shown to be effective for phantom pain and fybromyalgia.

The glasses would project an image which seems so real that your brain can stop the pain.

For example with phantom pain…

where a patient is still experiencing pain in a limp that had been amputated…

the glasses would project an image of the limp still being there in good health.

The images are adjusted to the surroundings so fast and seem so real that the brain gets input as if that part of the body is still there and is healthy.

This has shown to be pretty effective in reducing pain and cheaper than expensive pain killers.

Great, a lot of people released of their pain at an affordable price.


when you are placing virtual illusions on top of the illusion of the physical world…

it sets up a new barrier to experiencing reality as it really is.

One more layer removed from spiritual enlightenment.

Why not teach people how to overcome the pain by training their mind and visualizing?

Skills that bring people closer to their own power.

Probably because putting on some glasses, just like taking a pill, takes less effort than meditating a few minutes a couple of times a day.

The same processor that allows these virtual images to adapt in real time to the physical world…

makes it possible for cars to adjust immediately to situations on the road, so that they can drive autonomously.

This technology is already here and will become more generally available over the coming years as well as evolving more.

Later on in the future I foresee that this will be the standard and people will only be allowed to drive by themselves as an exception.

Benefits would be reducing traffic accidents and managing traffic jams by being able to centrally control traffic streams.

There will be some sort of virtual information grid in which vehicles are placed, much like a railway for trains, and in which the driver can only enter his destination.

This grid will be centrally managed and authorities will be able to select a specific vehicle and stop it or force it to drive to another location.

Not really for the next couple of years, but not that far away.

What is more close in time though, is the economical situation.

The response of governments and central banks to the crisis of 2008 shows a grave lack of overshigt and a short term vision.

The economy is connected with nature.

Choosing a free market economy, but then trying to regulate these forces of nature instead of dynamically adapting policies to it, is madness.

No government can regulate these away.

Still they try to do that.

Because the central banks of the US and EU keep printing more money, they are setting things up for the next crisis to come.

You can expect a crisis that will be worse than that of 2008.

In the present day the economies of the world are much more connected to each other.

So the impact can rapidly spread to a world wide scale.

A big problem is the massive debt in the US.

It only gets more because they keep printing more money. And the European central bank seems to follow their strategy.

Every time a country prints more money, it basically borrows from a central bank. It creates debt.

At the expense of its citizens.

A central bank, not managed by democratically elected people, but can make decisions that have worldwide impact.

This is a scandal, because without people realizing it, things are set into motion which eat away their prosperity.

The current monetary policy is over cropping at the expense of future generations.


Not only that.

One of the lessons from several spiritual masters, is that you should have your finances in order.

In such a way that you can survive, and then have space for spiritual growth or to develop your extra abilities.

The two go hand in hand.

What you can see in our history as humans, also plays at an individual level.

First there was hunting and gathering, then agriculture.

And it was at the time that this agriculture produced surplus which could be traded, that trade came into existence.

At that time more time was available to be spend on philosophy and science.

When there is more than you need to survive, time and money become available to be spend on personal and spiritual growth.

The current monetary policy, which is running straight forward to another crisis, is hollowing the prosperity of the people.

And with hollowing that prosperity we are going towards a scenario where more people will need to be concerned with just basic survival instead of evolving.

This is all happening a bit in the shadows, without people noticing.

Most people won’t be aware of anything until it is to late.

Yet there will be one event that will be the start of the world economies failing.

If you want to protect your wealth the coming years, you might want to consider keeping at least a portion of it in gold and or silver.

Like China and Russia are doing.

But there are some tricky things and scams, so be sure to inform yourself well.

Also in the coming years it would be good to avoid taking on credit or loans for things that don’t produce income or which don’t appreciate in value.

Besides the effect on spiritual growth, there is also the effect of these tensions.

The last really big crisis gave rise to the second world war.

I hope this time it doesn’t go in that direction.

Yet you can observe tension is increasing and is leading to violent events.

A bad economical situation is everything but beneficial for that.

It is in times of peace that societies can blossom and evolve.

There is this natural law of consciousness:

every action has a consequence.

Policy makers have tried to protect the banks that caused the crisis of 2008 from the consequence of their action.

But you can’t go against this force of nature forever.

There will be a consequence, and the longer it is put of, the worse it will be.

Your mind can bring you freedom or be your own prison.

Evolving or dissolving.

The choice is yours.

  • Ricardo Smith says:

    Thank you so much for this blog, It has given me so much more incentive to get my finances in order. I am already highly focused on my spiritual growth, and was beginning to move in that direction fiscally also, but this message has helped me to see things even more clearly, and to also be more aware of the importance of having both inner and outer balance.

    Best Regards