The Fifth Law Of Consciousness: Clairvoyance and Remote Viewing

All right, the fifth law of consciousness…

… drum roll…

Everything with which you have an energetic  connection, can transfer information TO your consciousness from that with which you are

There are so many practical examples which illustrate this principal.

This is for example how psychometry works.

With psychometry you hold an object or a picture in your hand so that you can make an energetic connection with the energy
contained in it.

Then you read the information with which it is charged.

And this information can then flow into your conscious mind.

In this way you can for example read impressions from the consciousness from someone who is on the picture…

or who had the object in his possession for a long time.

A practical example would be finding a missing person.

Or checking out a candidate for a job interview from a different angle.

But this is just the first phase.

After a while you discover that you don’t actually need the object to make the connection.

As long as you can get an energetic connection established somehow, with  the object, or the location…

you can transfer information to your consciousness through it.

The old kahunas, shamans from Hawaii, imagined this like threads.

This is remote viewing.

In remote viewing, you first make a connection with a person, animal, event, location, …

And then you “read” the information contained in energy.

If you want to experience this yourself

…you can!