Inner Peace, Abundance And Intuition For The Average Man

Chira asked the following question:

“I would like to fully understand how average people, just like me, can learn to gather and use inner power in a short period of time, so that they can receive and share inner peace, abundance and information from the unseen world around us. Shamans spend their whole lives trying to reach the spiritual world.”

You make some wrong connections and assumptions here.

Increasing or cultivating inner power is not necessarily linked to an increase of inner peace, abundance and getting information from the unseen world or astral dimension.

By increasing your inner power, you cultivate energy.
You increase your energetic potential.
This means you have more energy available to charge with a specific intent.

So increasing inner power or inner energy only leads to more abundance or inner peace if the energy is being charged with that intent.

And that answers your question…

So how do you charge energy with this intent?
Therefore you have to develop mind power.

And that is much more important for developing these goals.
You direct your mind, your intent to abundance, inner peace.

Increasing your energetic potential in and by itself doesn’t create abundance or inner peace.

It only makes more energy available for you to charge with this specific type of information.
If what you have in your mind (like unconscious believes) is not geared towards abundance
or inner peace, it will not manifest just by increasing inner power.

It is about controlling the mind first.

As for receiving information from the unseen world, the astral dimension or even spirit guides.

There to it is about controlling the mind first.
Yes it is true though that increasing the energy levels can give you access to this information at a certain point….


how you deal with that information, if you can deal with that type of information, if you can distinct true from false information (not everything in the unseen world is good, just as people), how to find specific information, etc. etc. …

all starts with training the power of the mind first.

That is why people should do Ultra Dynamic Mind first, before starting with energy cultivation, where you learn how to raise your inner power quickly and safely.

And to quote you….
“Shamans spend their whole lives trying to reach the spiritual world.”

Isn’t it a waste of time to spend your whole life on trying to do something?
Wouldn’t it be a better use of time to actually do the things needed to get the results?

Shamanism is the lowest phase in the spiritual evolution of man, the most primitive tool.
It is the least advanced and least structured method of spiritual growth and the level one can reach with it is very limited.

Actually what you are saying is not correct.
Many Shamans reach the spiritual world easily, they use drugs or music to get in the trance state that can give access to the unseen world.

But… does having access also means being able to deal with the information in away that supports overall spiritual growth?

Spiritual growth is about increasing the insight and understanding into the true nature of reality.

We as humans already have moved beyond primitive systems like shamanism.
Yes sure, they find their roots in shamanism. Shamanism marks the beginning of investigating an using the forces in the unseen world.

And don’t get me wrong, there are real powers and benefits in shamanism.

But why keep being stuck with old tools when there are new tools available since many hundreds of years?

As an adult, you don’t spend your time on the same things as when you were a small kid either right?

It is time to evolve and move to a more structured, progressive spiritual growth.
A path that enhances understanding of the real nature of reality.

It is time to…. wake up!