Letting Go – How To Do It

“Hi Conrad,

During my search for personal growth, I learned to
vividly visualise the thing you would like to see
happen in your life, and then let it go.

Visualizing and vividly imagining goes very well.
The letting go only sometimes. The strange thing is
that these things really come to you.
Only the letting go can sometimes be so hard.

You want something so much, that it gets blocked
or something.

What can I do in order to let go more easy?
Are there certain techniques which make it more easy?


Let turn things around first…

clinging to something, holding on.

Take a pen and hold it in your fist…

now squeeze that fist, really really tight,
and don’t let go of the pen.

Notice what happens.

The muscles  from your hand tense and cramp up,
 and soon the muscles of your arm follow.

A lot of focus goes towards the fist.
Plenty of energy gets stuck into it.

And than, you just let go of the pen, drop it.

Again, notice what happens…

This is how you let go.
It is just an action of the will.
A mental decission to let go.

Now, the stronger your will, the stronger your level
of mental focus, the easier it becomes to let go.

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The other thing is why letting go can be challenging
in some cases.

Manifesting or using the law of attraction is
like baking a cake.

You mix together all the ingredients,
place them in a form and then in the oven.

If you would open the oven every minute and
pinch some holes in your cake with a fork, to check
if it is ready or not…

the cake can never really become what it should be.

The same holds true when you want to “attract” something
by visualising.

In this case you you are charging a specific form at the etheric
level with your thoughts and intention.

When you keep changing it or keep thinking
about it, it cannot develop.

This doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t
check sometimes if the desired thing is manifesting
or not, so you can adjust things as needed…

as well as that you need to stay open and alert to
notice effects of your visualization in your daily
you might have to act on.

Another point about mentally letting go,
is that the things which people cling to, tend to
be related to a state which is often anything but
neutral to the desired outcome.

This has the opposite effect.

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