How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Break Through Every Limit

I received this question in the mail:

“my biggest obstacle is finding the courage to step
out of my comfort zone, how do I overcome this?

Well, your comfort zone is probably related
to a specific situation or set of situations.

You don’t have the same comfort zone
for eating your breakfast as for singing.

So the first thing is to become clear about
the field of activity where you want to adjust
your comfort zone.

Once that is clear, you have a direction.

Since you state you want to find the courage
to enlarge your comfort zone in this
specific  area…

it indicates that there is resistance.

This means that the edge of the comfort
zone you want is to far out for you.

The next thing to do is to take note of the
direction, the area of activity, where you
want to expand your comfort zone.

And break it up in smaller parts.

Like I describe in the practical guide
to The Evolution Minfesto, which you
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What is the very first field of activity
that is just on the edge of your comfort

Start doing more of that.

Something is not in your  comfort zone
because it is not your habit.

You make your comfort zone by
expanding your habits into new

Personally I like to expose myself to
new experiences on a regular basis
just because of this effect.

Once that thing has become a habit
and inside of your comfort zone?
What is the next thing on the edge
of your comfort zone?

That’s how you expand your comfort

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whole process up dramatically…

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