The Umbrella And The Air-conditioning

I’m still in Thailand for some time.

In general people here are very fond
of their air-conditioning.

Personally I don’t like it so much,
because of the bad quality of the
air they provide.

But ok, I noticed that in a certain
area here the air-conditioning was
always  switched on by pressing a
button on it with an umbrella.

The first couple of times when I was
asked to turn on the air-conditioning
it was always accompanied with a
gesture pointing at the umbrella.

So, assuming the remote was lost or
there was something broken, I used
the umbrella too…

And I kept doing that for some time.

Untill at a certain point I just had to
try to turn it on by using my finger…

And sure… no problem!

When I told the others about my
success, it turned out…

that the only reason why the
umbrella was being used, was
because they couldn’t reach  the
button without it.

So you just see…
sometimes you need a sudden
realization or the guts to try
something new to break your
habits and function effectively.
Where in your live do you press
the air-conditioning with an

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