An In The Body Experience Before An Out Of Body Experience

Regularly I see questions coming in about
out of body experiences or astral travel…

most often out of curiosity.

It seems cool for people to experience something like that.

On the other hand there are some people who think they can
find solutions there for the current problems in their lives.

In other words, there is a problem or challenge…

and they search the solution so far outside of themselves

… that they even think they need to go out of their body!

Yet in order to safely and accurately use astral projections,
one needs a solid foundation and insight in how the mind

Since with out of body experiences a lot of the elements that
make up your reality are being challenged.

Often people don’t think about the consequences of  being
confronted with questions, as a result of astral travel, like:

360 degrees sight,
interaction with non human life forms,
experiencing future events,
possessions by entities, etc.

All things making life more complex, not easier.

Because of this it is essential to first have a proper
awareness of and familiarity with one’s own body.

First explore and learn how to work with what is
present here and now, for you in order to get your
life in order or optimised…

in (through) your body

after that you can go beyond that and further
explore the nature of reality and consciousness…

out of your body too (if you want)

In Greater Human Potential I can advise the following steps
for people who are really serious about this:

1. The Zensation Manual:
In order to build the basics, obtain emotional balance and
insight in the underlying elements.

2. Ultra Dynamic Mind:
To bring your life in order and to learn through
practical experience about the structure of time
and space, being connected with other consciousness
and especially in order to learn how to gather information
from other levels of consciousness.

3. Ancient Secrets Of Mind Control, Concentration and Energy Cultivation:
In order to enhance the power of the mind, focus, so you can easily
navigate away if you would end up in an unpleasant situation out of the

Also in order to build a protective layer of the type of energy
that keeps negative spirits at bay and stops them from entering
your physical body while you are out.

Also to increase your energy level, so you can detach the
energetic body easily from the physical body.

More information on all of these courses can be
obtained in the shop at the top of this blog.

I will provide more practical training for out of body
experiences or astral travel, later this year.