[Video] Bulletproof man through magical object

In this news broadcast you can see a man in
the jungle in Indonesia, who has a magical
ring that protects him from bullets.

The man was wanted by the police related
to some drug crimes.

The police fired a bit over 100 bullets at the guy.

And this guy didn’t get any injuries.

After which the police gathered more information
and found out about his magical ring.

At that time the police knew they only had
to destroy the ring.

Here you see why normally people like to keep
quiet about the powers or magic they have.

Snipers were asked to target the magical ring.
And as soon as it was broken, the man lost
his protection.

Once this had happened the police was able
to shoot him.

Which indicates how weak you are if your
supernatural powers depend on external things.

Please note, the images are a bit graphic.