[Part 2/3] Greed, And Alchemy Of Consciousness As Medicine

Last time I described how desire can be a hindrance for spiritual growth or just a motor for it on the way to self realization.

Today I write about greed.

Greed has of course a common root as desire.

In fact it is a more specific form of desire in which the emphasis is on always wanting more.

At the material level this is clear.

I have seen several things for teachers:

– Getting out of poverty through spiritual practice. Next an increasingly bigger group
of students, inspired by their results.
But after a while greed rises and the teacher neglects his own training.
Or stops developing himself further and is focused only on cashing in.

After a while the students notice that the thing for which they originally came
to the teacher, is no longer there…

and disappear.

– Driven by greed, neglecting every ethical aspect and focus on quality.

Being focused on taking, not on giving.

More and more Asians are becoming aware of the spiritual thirst in the West…
and the lack of spiritual tradition in modern times.

And know that when someone is really thirsty, you can sell them the dirtiest
water and he will drink it with great gratefulness.

Al of this is a lot less clear on the spiritual level.

There can be greed in the spiritual growth, in the striving for self realization.

This can occur for example like:

– doing energetic exercises more than your body can handle, or more than is
good for body and mind.

Which can cause damage to mind, body and energetic body.

If you train to lift 100 kilo, you don’t do much good by exhausting yourself 5 times a day instead of 1 or 2 times.

– wanting to meditate longer than your body and mind can stand.

Which causes it to become torture and by which the benefits are lost anyway.

There needs to be a correct balance between moving beyond your limits, getting out of the comfort zone, will power and…

knowing when enough is enough.

You need to have mindful awareness in order to be able to notice this.

And than one can evoke the opposite state, when the factor greed is to high.

In order to transform it to a more beneficial state, the medicine.

The medicine for greed is contentment and generosity.

In the mind power and energy cultivation course I provide you with a schedule for training.

And I also teach you how you can work on your own development in a progressive yet safe way.