Laws Of Consciousness

While going through the newspaper, I read about a Belgian scientist who won the Nobel price this year.

This for his theory about a small particle which had actually been found to exist this year.

The higgs- particle.

It is pretty interesting actually.

The higgs particle is what carries the higgsfield.

It is through interaction with this field that small particles get mass.

But as long as this higgs particle hadn’t been found, this remained just a theory.

Well finding this particle, which carries that field, makes the current model of quantum physics complete.

Which means it is a consistent whole within a set of agreements and constants.

In one way or another it made me think back about my experiences and the insights I gained by advanced spiritual teachers.

It is a challenge to write down these insights over all those years in a short and to the point manner…

1. You can change the location of the center of your consciousness.

If you ask yourself where you are, right now while reading this…

where you are inside of your body…

than you will notice that the center of your consciousness, your awareness, is concentrated in a certain area of your body.

Maybe in your head, maybe in your heart,…

You can move this center of your consciousness, the spot where your conscious awareness is concentrated.

If you take a moment to become aware of what you are feeling in the tip of your left thumb…

and really move your awareness to the tip of your left thumb and become aware of what you are feeling there…

that the center of your consciousness moves to that spot.

Now… if you than move your awareness to the tip of your right thumb, and become of what you are feeling there…

then the center of your consciousness eventually moves there.

So you can move the center of your consciousness to different areas in your body by using your intention, your will.

Ok, Conrad, nice but what is the benefit of all that?

Well in the first place you can use this for relaxation.

By moving your conscious awareness from one body part to another with the intent to relax it…

you can create very profound relaxation.

A very important preliminary step in awakening the extra human potential.

But the possibilities go much beyond this.

Next time I will explain why this is so important and what you can do with it.