The Pareto Principle For Effective Evolution

The Pareto principle says that things are
divided by a  80-20 key.

For example that 80% of the pollution is being
caused by 20% of the industry…

or that 80% of the profits from a company
come from 20% of its activities…

by knowing this you can act more effective,
namely by spending relatively more time and
resources on that 20% which delivers 80% of the

Of course the number 80-20 is a generalization,
not containing any universal law.

The human mind just likes these.

Yet, the underlaying principle is important:
the largest part of your results stems from a
small portion of your efforts.

When you can isolate that small portion, be it
20, 30 of 15 %, and do more of that, it allows
you to be much more effective.

If  80% of the results of your healing comes from
20% of your treatment….

or 80% of the result of your coaching session from
20% of that session…

or what if  80% of your spiritual growth stems from
20% of your actions?

Doesn’t it seem useful to know the part that has the
most effect?

This is the reason why I, in studying systems
for activating the human potential, try to find
the underlying effective part.

I search for the 20%  which  delivers 80% of the results.

This means you could spent 100% of your training  time
on the 20% that causes the results…

instead of spending only 20% of that time on
that 20%.

The Zensation Manual is such an analysis of the
underlaying most effective elements.

In other courses I go more in depth about
all the different elements.

Where in your live do you recognize this
80-20 rule?