[Part 3/3] Spiritual Growth, Vital Energy And… Lust

All right, I already explained how desire and greed can be a hindrance on the path to self realization.

For beginners as well as the advanced.

Some people think that with spiritual growth such things automatically disappear.

That isn’t necessarily the case.

Sometimes just the opposite is true.

Especially in the energetic systems for spiritual development, these obstacles tend to remain…

or even get stronger.

This is the most obvious for lust.

When people progress on the spiritual path, their life force increases.

Especially in the first phases is this increase very noticeable.

This increase shows itself as increased vitality, but also as an increased libido.

And that is where it can go wrong.

The increased vitality which manifest itself as a higher libido.

The difficulty is to keep your behavior stable,normal, despite this increase…

instead of allowing it to grow to lust and everything that follows after that.

Some monks eat special herbs to decrease their libido.

But this indicates they are in fact not able to control it and thus need external aid.

For some this gets out of hand though and causes all their further development to stop because…

every time they have reached a certain level of vital energy, they let lust take control over them.

After which excessive, to much sexual urges causes the life force to decrease.

Please not, there is a lot of wrong information out there, which is being sold as authentic Taoist

in which especially in this area a lot of false information is being spread into the world.

Which causes people to develop some type of fear towards sexuality.

Fear to lose the life force, vital essence.

I noticed that the advanced teachers I have met, the ones that are truly successful are the ones that can transform this increased life force.

So an increased vitality doesn’t necessarily have to grow into lust.

Some of them have a normal family and sexual activity and some of them live celibate.

The ones that fail, are often the ones that allow the increased vitality to turn in to lust.

Which causes their development to stagnate or at least slows it down.