Oh No… A Brainwave Problem

The observer of  brainwaves…
influences the brainwaves (of others)
that are being observed.

Research has indicated that the researcher
in an experiment where brainwaves are
 being recorded, influences the data when
he reads it.
As soon as the researcher who has to
read the data, become to analytical or
nervous, and thus changes the
synchronization of his hemispheres…

… he can unconsciously influence the
brainwaves and the synchronization
thereof in the participants their brains.
A researcher can even prevent the
synchronization to occur, just from his
own mental state alone.

This means that when research is being
done on meditation techniques or psychic
functioning,  which often requires some
level of synchronization…

the researcher can actually prevent
the psychic phenomena from occurring,
due to his or her own mental state.
What importance do these brainwaves
and their synchronization have, and what
role do they play in conscious creation,
personal development,  developing
intuition, healing, extra sensory perception…
that is what I reveal in The Zensation Manual (click here for The Zensation Manual)