Karma And The Law Of Attraction

The last couple of years the concept of
the law of attraction has become very

In my book with Jack Canfield and
Jack Zufelt, I write about how this
concept contains a false metaphor.

At the level of matter, it might seem that
the result (that which you think you are
attracting) is caused by your thoughts
attracting it to you.
This creates the false illusion that this
physical reality is real. This is called maya,
by the ancient yogis.

Yet in these ancient text you can find
similar principles!
Wherein lays the difference than?
The difference is that it is not about
attracting but about creating.
This is an important point.
When you attract something, it already
exists and you cause it to come to you.

When you create something, you
turn it into reality from a subtle energetic
level of existence.
The metaphor of attraction leaves no or
very little opportunity for optimization.
While the concept of creativity provides
opportunity for gaining insight in the
underlying principles and thus for
optimizing the process, making it more

This way, you can also become aware of
how strong a desire can cause effects and
how aware you should be of what you want
and why.

There are meditation methods around that
allow you to consciously remember your
past lives.
There are many interesting stories from
people who in this manner gained insight
in the cause, karma, of their present life.
An interesting example is the one of someone
who wished for being reborn as a female during
an offer with flowers, candles and incense to
the Buddha.
In this situation was the ritual a context with
enough karmic power to establish a mental
seed which got manifested later on from a
much more etheric level.
If your wishes can have an effect in your
next life, you better be working with
a broad perspective and think about the
long term effect of the things you might desire
on a short term.
All this is dealt with in the Ultra Dynamic Mind course.
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And you? Do you create or do you attract?

  • Gleuda says:

    Woh! I had heard of EFT but knew nothing about it. What rellay speaks to me is this guy’s deep inner calm he truly accepts himself. I feel very convinced. Everything takes practise but if you give yourself time to work on a new technique it will pay dividends so I will use this one daily! I know I have many limiting beliefs but until now did not know how to release them. As always, the simple ideas work best. The most awesome information I have watched this year (and I am online hours everyday!) so thanks for sharing this and be successful now !

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    It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.