How To Let Go Of The Past

Two monks were wandering around
in the forest to find a suitable location
for their meditation.
They came across a small river and
just when they wanted to cross it…
a stunning beautiful lady came their
way and asked the monks for help
in order to crss the river.
One monk took the lady on his shoulder
and brought her to the other side.
Then they each went their way.
Two hours and many steps later
the other monk said to the one
who had helped the lady…
“You know we are not allowed
to touch or hold women?”
The other monk answered:
“I stopt holding her 2 hours ago,
when I dropped her off to the other
side of the shore…
while you have been holding her till now.”
This story is about letting go of things.
Be it mental, physicalor emotional.
Many people cling to things of the
past and carry it as weight on their
path in the present and future.
Ultra Dynamic Mind contains many simple
and fast techniques to help you really
let go.
This will help you tremendously in your
evolution, since you not have to carry all
the weight from the past.


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    I thank you hmulby for sharing your wisdom JJWY