Top 5 Best Places For Meditation

According to Buddha there are 5 factors that make a place suitable for meditation.

Firstly, it should not be too far away of a village and have a clear path. One should have easy access to food.

Next, the place is best a quiet and isolated spot.

The place for meditation should also be free of the effects of the weather and dangerous animals or insects. It should be a place where it is pretty easy for you to reach the basic state from which you can start your meditation.

The meditation spot should be a place where you have access to spiritual teachers or friends, which you can consult about problems that might arise during meditation.

The places which Buddha most often recommended for reaching deeper states of consciousness, are:
– an isolated place in the forest
– at the feet of a tree
– on a mountain
– in a cave
– at a cemetery
– on a heap of hay

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  • Tia says:

    I love practicing meditation! I never believed in it before I tried it… I wish everyone would give it a chance. When I started I just felt a bit more peaceful and was amazed that this peace stayed with me the whole time or at least a few days. Now it is as important as being happy for me.

  • aparadekto says:

    Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

    • William says:

      The benefits of doing metitadion vary from person to person, depending how much you put it into practice. If you learn how to meditate properly, the energy felt recharges everything that has been drained from overworking, stress, lethargy. it improves your immune system. and you have total clarity and harmony with yourself. If you are knowing yourself you would have all the courage in the world.

      • Anton says:

        I just wanted to thank you for coliimpng this list. I have just started researching meditation, and I think this will be a big help for me. I am hoping I will be able to better center myself, and I hope that I can use this for my anxiety.