Meditation Made Easy

I met a Buddhist monk, yet at the time I didn’t
have a translator with me and we didn’t have a
language we both understood…

but he did want to explain something about

he explained it in a funny way, but to the point:

he waved his hand around his head and said: no!

Next he pointed his finger from his nose to his
belly button and said: yes!

Followed by pointing at his eyes and saying: no!
And then again with his finger from nose to belly
button and: yes!

After that he pointed to his ears: no!
Pointing inward: yes!

Toward his mouth: no!
But inside: yes!

Of course he wanted to explain that the essence
of meditation is about: turning your attention inwards

with concentration… so that whenever your thoughts
start to run in endless circles and directions…

or when your attention goes outward through your
5 senses…

you can bring it back inside and focus your attention
on a single thing.

This is the essence of meditation.

Of course this is easier said than done. But luckily
there are several methods available to make it easier…
I will be releasing a new product about this

There is a huge difference between active
and passive meditation.

Passive meditation is about making the mind
increasingly more calm and allows you to
reach higher levels of consciousness.

Active meditation is limited in the levels
of increased consciousness you can reach
through it, but is a better tool for manifesting
and goal-setting.

Ultra Dynamic Mind is all about active meditation.

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Let me know bellow if you have any questions
about meditation. Maybe I will answer then in
a presentation later.

  • Angelina says:

    Being critical of yrsuoelf is what pushes you on to greater success. Why do you need to love yrsuoelf or not love yrsuoelf? What\’s the purpose of this? Life isn\’t about spoiling ourselves not in any manner. It\’s about challenging ourselves, to face the greatest difficulties, and then overcome them. Why is this man talking so slowly? This opium rhetoric sounds like a remix of organised religion. scratch scratch, scratch reeewind!

  • Charl says:

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d tohuhgt of that.