what to do when your leg hurts during meditation?

If you just move your body,
your attention will move away
from your object of concentration
back to the physical sensations of
your body.

This creates the  dilemma…

Not adjusting your posture?
… this might make the pain
so unbearable that the
ability to concentrate is
lost anyway.
Adjust your posture?

…but probably having to start
over with building up your
The key is to move your body with
concentrated awareness, mindfulness.

First you can note the rising of
the mental impression of the need
to move your leg, for example.
You mentally stay aware of this
impression rising in your mind.
Next, you slowly adjust your
posture, while keeping your
attention on the whole process.
You mindfully note the steps
including the physical sensations.

Once you have adjusted your
posture you once again bring
your attention upon your object
of concentration.
So you don’t allow your thoughts
to waver, as most people do.
Most people would let the tension
of their bow go in this situation,
and need to rebuilt their
concentration almost from scratch.

In this way, you can keep your
mind under control and there
will only be a slight drop in
your concentration.
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