[Video] A Motivating And Inspiring Story

I saw this video in Thailand recently.

Sure it is an advertisement for a coffee that helps you loose weight…

But it is a nice story about motivation.

A young girl has to endure being called fat all the time.

An old wise woman tells her about a well, where if you offer water to it every day, a god will appear and he will help you.

That being said, the girl goes to offer water to the well everyday.

What happens next…

well you can see that here:

Everything you want to achieve, everything you want to become, every dream that you want to come true…

you already have the tools, the path is already within you…

the secret ingredient which makes your wishes come true?


  • pat says:

    This video not only shows that change comes from within, but that there are special people (guides) who help point you in the right direction, if you are able to trust and love.