How To Develop Creativity, Innovation And Intuition

One of my readers asked me the following

Here is my question:
Singing, dancing, poetry, painting, up until today
these things just not seem to be for me.
I wonder why I’m lacking that creativity.
Sure someone can learn all that, but how can you
experience it from within, without all that theory?

Can creativity be developed?

I would love to know more about that,

Hi Gerda,
Before answering your question…
The underlying pattern here is the question why
you think you should develop more creativity?

Is it because others around you seem to have more
of it (external motivation) or is it for your own joy
(internal motivation)?
The source of your motivation plays a part in
being able to develop it or not.

Also, creativity, just like intuition and innovation
a function from the right side of the brain, while
in our society emphasis is being put on the
functions of the left side of the brain.

Exercises which enhance the integration
of both sides of the brain, enhance creativity.
You can wonder, when you look at the strong
rise in China and India.
Besides the typical left brain education, kids in
these regions are often also exposed to
activities which stimulate the right side of the
brain (Tai Chi, Yoga).

Ok, so why do others have it and you don’t?
You could blame it on talent.
Yet, when you read the book The Talent
Code, it seems talent has more to do with
dividing an activity in the specific parts
which you need to train and train those
a lot (10.000 hours).
In one experiment people were put
under hypnosis and asked to put on the
hand of a famous painter, like a glove…
they showed an extremely fast and
remarkable increase in creative talent!
You can do the same by going to your
balance zone and once there, put
on the hand of a good painter or the
legs of a great dancer.
This is thought in Ultra Dynamic Mind.

You also learn how to integrate both
sides of your brain there.
You can read all about Ultra Dynamic Mind here

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    I like how are you thinking…and I must confess I’m totally addicted to your articles!

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