Your self-image? And How To Go Beyond Your Limits

The self-image is the whole of beliefs you have about
your interactions with your environment and about the
interaction of that environment with you.

This self-image has a positive and beneficial function.
But it is a slow and limiting mechanism, for what
concerns your potential.

The self-image can for instance cause you
– to sell less than you really could
– to have difficulties with relationships
– heal slower than what is possible
– study slower than what you are really
capable of
– get lower results in your sports, than
which is your real potential
– etc.

Taking control over your self-image, means
taking control over your limits.

If you want to doubt about something,
why not doubt your own limits? Since
many of them are just in your head.

What would it be like, if you had a
technique with which you could change
your self-image, in just 20 minutes a day?

This would allow you to break through your
own limitations and…

-get more sales
– achieve more success in relationships
-heal more fast
-improve your sports
-achieve your ideal weight
-much more…

Being able to alter your self-image means,
you can go beyond the limits which are imposed
upon you by your environment, culture, society,
and by yourself.

If you think you might benefit from being able to
adjust your self-image…

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What other applications can you come up with? Let me know…

  • Donna says:

    I can tell you that it is but you will never be entirely sure until you wisnets it first hand or have your own psychic experiences. I have had enough experiences in life to know that yes, they are real without a doubt. If you want to experience it, I would say to keep an open mind and perhaps try developing your own psychic capabilities. One good way is listening to your dreams and keeping a journal. A lot of our symbolic dreams can be decoded and they are actually talking about something going on in our life that our subconscious is trying to work out in our sleep. But sometimes the symbols will be telling of a future event instead. There are also the dreams that are exact snapshots’ of the future. That is why it is good to write them down. You might dream of being in a room you have never been in before and you wake up and think it’s kind of weird but brush it off and go on about your day, forgetting all about it. Maybe a few weeks later you go to relative’s new place and find yourself standing in that very room. Having a journal and that dream written down will make the experience more real and concrete to you. There is proof but it is personal proof. Those people who have had first hand experience know that it is real. Actually there was a show called Psychic Detectives and I watched a bunch of the episodes and many times the psychics new things about cases that weren’t released to the public. There was also a show called America’s Psychic Challenge and some of those psychics knew things that they had no way of knowing as well. For some reason, some people brush that kind of thing off and say that they must have cheated somehow. Some people prefer not to acknowledge psychic capabilities maybe because they think it’s scary or maybe because it has yet to be explained.

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