Why You Can’t Control Your Fear With Your Thoughts

Fear is a physiological reaction
in the body.

By studying how the process
works, you can also learn how
to control it.

Because sometimes it is
necessary to adjust it.

Namely when fear is no longer
a useful survival strategy, but
instead limits you from reaching
your goals or full potential.

Fear and all physical reactions
that come along with it (sweating,
hormones, heart rate, etc) are
activated lightening fast by the
amygdala, in the middle of the

The signals that it sends out in
order to activate all the fear
related processes in the body,
don’t pass through the cortex.

So the whole process happens
outside conscious awareness,
even before you think about it.

Trying to deal with fear through
rationalizing and logical thought,
is totally ineffective.

Yet I see a lot of personal development
gurus doing exactly that…

using rational thinking processes.
But they ‘forget’ that during their
show, the audience is brought into
an elevated emotional state.

After the performance the state
changes and with it the temporary
control over fear.

So people are once again stuck
with their same problem.

Fear needs to be dealt with
at the level of the active
elements in the operation.

And when you do that, it
can go fast…

really fast…

sometimes mere seconds
are already enough to master

… a couple of minutes enough
to make fears totally disappear.

So how do you do it?

By clicking here

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able to permanently get rid of
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