Are Psychic Powers Dangerous?

A reader asked me if clairvoyance or
remote viewing isn’t dangerous.

This because an article from someone
who claimed that if you are not pure,
you would only see dark and evil things
through clairvoyance and not the divine.

Such an opinion stems from lack of
practical experience.

In order to use clairvoyance, you would
need to bring your mind to a certain
state of consciousness, in order to ‘see’
from that state.

That might sound very complex or
confusing. But is not.

The thing is that even if your mind
is very pure, you can still see dark
things… since they are still there.

It is nonsense to think you would
only see beautiful things through
clairvoyance if you are very pure.

What is true though, is that that the purity of
your mind dictates what types of things you
would go looking for or the type of information
you would be attracted to.

Just as the purity of your mind, has an effect
on how you label things.

If a person uses meditative methods to
develop clairvoyance (so not trough drugs
but for instance through Ultra Dynamic Mind)…

he also automatically works on purifying
the mind, since that is needed in order to
reach the psychic state.

I notice that a lot of people who use the
clairvoyance developed through Ultra Dynamic Mind,
automatically undergo a certain purification of
mind and experience a personal transformation over

So the 2 are somewhat connected.
Yet it depends on the method being used!

There are different paths for spiritual growth,
in each of which the potential to develop supernatural
powers exists.

The energetic paths traditionally pay less attention
to purifying the personality.

Emotions tend to become stronger, as
the power, the energetic potential, increases
through this type of training.

Which isn’t a bad thing in itself, but
it does need to be managed.

This is why students of the energetic path
for spiritual growth, often are told to
master their emotions.

While training in the energetic path,
several teachers told me, in the context
of specific techniques, that I should be
careful not to use any emotion.

Or we would practice something with
a partner, where we were told not
to have emotion during that exercise.

So for the energetic path, it is not
so that during the spiritual development,
one masters his emotions automatically
because of the evolution by itself.

It is different for the spiritual paths
that work with consciousness as main
component for evolution.

This is why The Zensation Manual contains
techniques for you to master your emotions.

You can find them by clicking here

  • Taj says:

    A good topic Conrad–something that gets raised often in many people’s minds, but not often expressed.

    Psychic Powers are like any other skill/strength/knowledge….however one wishes to name it–for eg., Nuclear power, Technical or professional knowledge/skills, Money, Political power, etc.

    Per se, none of those mentioned above are Dangerous–but can be UTILIZED for dangerous acts. It all depends on the individual who puts such a skill/power to use–whether he/she utilizes for the good or bad. If used for bad/harmful purposes, it obviously becomes “Dangerous”.
    Examples galore of such cases are found all around us–quite a few of the terrorists or criminals we keep seeing in the TV news are highly qualified–but to what use did they put their technical prowess to?
    To mention another one, Nuclear energy can power our homes & industries AS WELL AS blow-up the whole world in seconds.
    Does that make such technical skills or even acquiring them ‘Dangerous’? Definitely not.

    One can go on giving examples from ancient Indian or other texts or even contemporary global history–in a single line, I guess “it’s all in the eyes of the beholden” applies equally to love & knowledge/skills.