Demonstration Of Supernatural Powers Or Paranormal Powers

In this video you can see the spiritual master
who tested my energetic cultivation about 2
years ago.

He confirmed that the training I had been refining
over the years, does indeed increase the energetic
potential, and gave some tips on how I could
improve it some more.

In this selection from a tv  interview, you can
see how he burns a hole through a piece of paper.

I have experienced his energy myself and can
guarantee you that what you see below is real.

  • Arigo says:

    This looks like something we need to learn – is there a loving energy of the same availability. Well done O Master.

    • Conrad Raw says:

      The energy can be used for healing. He talks about how it can be used to treat cancer and how it in facts allows for treating brain tumors where modern medicine coudn’t operate without kiling the patient.

  • Per Gustavsson says:

    Thanks for showing this things. Merry christmas and humble respect to you and the masters that do this open. Best regards / Per Gustavsson, Sweden