Does Your Brain Have Telepathic And Empathic Powers?

While doing research on which parts of the
brain are active when monkeys do certain
actions, researchers noted something odd.

During the research a sound was
produced each time a certain part of the
monkey brain became active.

One of the researchers ate a nut, and
to his surprise…

a sound was heard!
The part of the monkey brain involved
with eating a nut, became active…

just as if the monkey was eating a 
nut himself.

The phenomenon is called mirror neurons.

Later research confirmed that it works in
people as well.

When a person sees an action from another
person, it activates the same areas in their
brain as when they would be doing the action

The same mechanism is active when feeling
is concerned.
Our brains also take on what another person
is feeling, physically or emotionally.
This could explain empathic abilities.

Some take it as an explanation for telepathy.
But that takes it a bit too far.

Unless if someone does a certain action,
while thinking about a person, and that
person would fire these neurons in the
area of his brain related to that action.

Such an effect does exist though…
Research already showed that when a person
has a certain brainwave pattern and at that
time thinks about someone, connects with them,
the brainwaves of this other person start to
show resemblance to those of the sender.

Practically this means for example that
coaches and therapists can make a better
impact by taking on the behaviors they
would like to establish in their clients.

The empathic abilities can be combined
with telepathic powers in a way which
allows you to experience (hear, see, feel,
smell) what another person is experiencing
at that time, anywhere.

How you can develop that skill, is what you can discover
by clicking here and jumping to the Ancient Mind Power Secrets Course

  • Sidauruk says:

    I think everyone has intvitiue/psychic abilities. Yes, every single one of us. For some, (empaths included) it comes naturally. Others have to work a little harder to tap in’ to it. But as an intvitiue counselor/reader myself, the more readings I do, the more I am convinced that we all have the gift’. I think the consciousness of humans is changing and with that, more people are realizing that they have these abilities. Fear creeps up even for people who have been at this for a while, though. That’s the ol ego stepping up and trying to keep us in the status quo. As long as we acknowledge it, then we can work past/through it!

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