Entities, safely developing psychic powers and spiritual growth

I received some interesting questions.
And I thought many could benefit from
them, so…

here is what I answered…”Conrad

As we all know nothing is as cut and dried as it may seem.

When you embark on the journey of discovery you can recieve many messages which you translate through your own filters which can become distorted at times so how can you safely nurture these developing skills accurately without going too far off track?

This is very very true and a great insight! With increased consciousness and awareness, comes greater insight. This clearer vision needs to be used for judging things. Many of the information available on the subject of spiritual growth is take from somewhere, taken out of its context and filtered by the author. This causes a lot of information available to be just logical mind play with no base in a structured reality anymore. Great for selling books an keeping people their mind busy… not so great for helping people achieve all they can/ want to be.

All skills should be checked as much as possible with objective reality and developed with insight. Herein lays the difference with just collecting a bunch of techniques or placing them together into a cohesive whole, with insight. In my new book I will probably go more into detail about this process.

The main thing is that there are 3 essential keys:
1) A logical framework (techniques, a model for understanding)
2) Methods that work on increasing your level of consciousness – there are specific things you can do at each level of consciousness or differences in processing information, you can measure or gain feedback in your progress on this.
3) Methods that work on raising your level of energy – this too is something which can be objectively measured as each level of increased energy brings specific abilities, not accessible in other levels.

In my opinion, all systems should be checked for these 3 elements. Most work only on one of these levels and are thus incomplete. In the West, the majority of the information out there works only on the logical level: providing theories.

Also, If  psychic entities exist, and can have influence over you, how can you protect yourself from the negative and positive aspects of these?
Can entities be living or dead?

They do exist. I did (and sometimes still do) extensive work with this on people with problems in this area.
They key thing to protect yourself is raising your level of energy. A lot of the information on this is just plain theory and not stand against the test of reality. Like imagining a white circle around you and things, most people not have the energy to make something like that work, I have tested it.

Technically entities need some energy to feed on. By raising your energy from the opposite quality (yang energy), you can push them away as they are yin. When people first start to do real meditation, often at first they draw them to them due the energy process. After a while this changes and keeps them away.

Can you overload yourself by pushing too hard too quickly and do you have some advise on making good gains without losing yourself.

You can. But on the other hand, with good techniques people can often safely go faster than they think possible. You need to combine it with and develop awareness. If something is confusing, not feels good or hurt, best to take it down a notch. But this is very dependent on the individual.

It is different too if the effect is from to much information, raising energy or working with consciousness. Good techniques are important for this. You should always check your own comfort level and apply insight from raised consciousness towards your evolution. Finding a good balance is the key.

All these skills and things are things one can learn to control, meaning you can turn them on and off, when practiced correctly.
But… fear is not as good for once development as trust and faith 😉

Anyone any experience with ‘moving to fast’? Care to share?

  • Viki says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve mnagaed the almost impossible.

  • Conrad Raw says:

    When first starting meditation entitities or spirits can come as they are drawn to the energetic process it creates.
    It is good to want to rationalize, as it makes you keep balance. It helps to just observe and not care to much about the phenomena… although at first they are probably interesting. It is a phase you can grow through. Don’t attach to it.
    It helps to do meditation combined with training energy. because witht the right training it creates energy which pushes entities away. The energy feels to hot for them.
    I will answer your other question through e-mail.

  • Laurance Gaines says:

    During meditation i often feel touched. Sometimes I ask if i am being communicated with and i get a response, either by a touch or small quick itching sensation. I have watched things move and seen things thrown across the room either on their own or by an entity. I am not afraid of these phenomenon and approach them with the upmost positivity in my intent, however i am finding some of these events extremely overwhelming. I have had many instances where my experiences have been beyond description. Do you have any suggestions for how to better rationalize these kinds of things? Also I have been given a task assigned by my deity, to spread awareness of the third eye and to share my insights with others through my music. This task has given me purpose and fulfillment, but i am still not as effective as i would like to be when spreading the word. Is there any way that you would be assist me in being a more proficient activist? I appreciate the work you have done through the greater human potential and i have greatly benefitted from your advise. I humbly request your assistance as i embark on the journey that is my unfolding. Thank you!

    • Tess says:

      Very true! Makes a change to see somonee spell it out like that. 🙂

      • Christina says:

        Hi gjorgeson, It does seem to be a great conrcen for many people whether one should reveal negative impressions or leave the situation alone completely. It can be especially difficult when the information coming thru is related to a loved one or friend. I must admit that there are still times in my own life when I struggle with when to tell someone, but rarely do I decide not to reveal what I know. It took me many many years to learn the delicate intuitive sensations and their associated levels of priority. I never want to play God and so I say to you that it is important to be very careful how you reveal your knowledge and also when. I begin each day with a prayer to God asking that I am only witness to information which proves helpful. I never ever want to see something that I can’t contribute too in a positive way. I can’t make the decision for you and the correct answer can be found by combining your heart, mind and soul along with a good ear for God’s word both spoken and unspoken. It can be a burden when we are made aware of a negative situation and then left without being told what to do with it! It always seems I begin by explaining that I trust in God that I am always made aware for a reason, and so I also trust that this information I have for you was brought before me with purpose. You referenced whether what you do will impact free will or not. I can promise you that God ALWAYS know the end result and there is nothing that you can do to alter that. It is true that we may choose a million and one ways to create the end result, but the specific end result that has been written for us can never be escaped. Please dont worry about some fictitious idea that you can change someone’s ultimate destiny The idea should be whether or not you would like to be a facilitator of knowledge and awareness. Even if you choose not too, the relevant information meant for the person in mind will find its way to that individual regardless of you bringing it forth. Ultimately, I would tell you to ask God for help. Then listen carefully and when the answer comes you will know. Thanks for the great question. Smiles,~ Jeremy

    • Gilanx says:

      I saw the eye in my meditation today. I also had a big aha! mnmeot, they are coming fast a furiously now. I am opening at a speed that is unbelievable I want to ask if you have advise about reacting to a premonition. What is the wise choice if, for instance, I receive information that is negative (at first glance) for someone close to me. Do I share an abbreviated version of what I know (free will) or do I let the events play out as they will?Thank you for your help.

      • Conrad Raw says:

        It depends:
        1) did you previously validate accuracy of your premonitions?
        2) If so, is the other person open to psychic things or doesn’t it fit in their current reality?
        3) What would be the possible result of the action you would take?
        4) Did the person indicate need for the information you have.
        5) If you tell the person, would it harm your relationship with them, if that is important for any of you?

        In many, but not in all, the scale tips over to keeping what you saw private.