How To Develop Psychic Powers Or Supernatural Powers

Every system for spiritual growth that actualy provides
spiritual development will provide the practitioner with the
potential of supernormal powers.

Spiritual development follows
definite steps, stages. Along its path, whatever
medthod is used to walk it, the potential to use
psychic powers becomes available.

Not every system actually makes use of them though,
but if it is really providing spiritual growth it does
also brings the potential of psychic powers.
The two are part of the same thing.

Also having the ABILITY, the potential, to use them,
doesn’t mean one also knows HOW to actually use them.

So what are the different sources of psychic powers?

1) Devotion:
Pure devotion can cause a person to progress on
the spiritual path.
Why then doesn’t every religious
person have the ability to use psyschic powers?
Because of the word ‘pure’.
It is about focus.
But it lacks insight and as a tool for developing
psychic powers it is not practical, mainly because
it is not clear to a practioner what are the exact
elements that activate them.

2) Substances
By taking drugs, perception can be altered.
Some of them allow access to deeper layers
of the subconscious and higeher realms.
Many shamans are using natural substances
for this goal.
But the problem lays in the fact that perception
is altered. It is not lucid and therefore doesn’t
allows for a full understanding and higher
mastery over reality to arise.
It is limited to some powers related to perception.

One who can gain mastery over his mind
can change perception at will and with full
conscious control.

3) Energy
By raising the energetic potential of the body
one can gain access to supernormal powers.
There are different ways to raise energy and they
are not all equal.
Not every method for raising energy can
allow one to reach the same level or the same
energetic potential.
Many energy arts out there actually don’t
raise your energetic potential, they increase your
sensitivity to energy and provide you with the
illusion of increased energy levels.

4) Mind
Different techniques inlovling the mind or
consciousness can allow one to reach
different stages of development.
Things like hypnosis, meditation, visualizing.
They are not all equal in their quality

For instance a trance state created by
ever repeating monotome beats on
a drum, can create altered states
of consciousness, but seldom does
so with full mental clarity and
capacity. Hence it is limited
in the type and level of powers it
allows you to achieve.

Different types of meditation
provide possible access to different
stages. It is important to know
up till what stage of the spiritual
process a certain technique can
take you.

Once that point is reached
one has to change to another method
which allows for a higher level of
spiritual attainment to be reached.

5) Past lifes and karma
These two can allow for the development
for certain supernatural powers.
But in this case they are just there,
often becoming clear during childhood.
They, on their own, not allow for further
development of other powers or insight in
the underlaying principles so that furteher
develepment is possible.

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  • thedudewiththeanswers says:

    i need the super power to enhance mind and body and i will ask my pediatrichin

  • rahool says:

    i can see things normal people can’t see that becomes the fact that the people see it later, sense things, feel, images but how do i control it…
    how do i master it.. guide me through the path..

  • stacie says:

    I see spirits everyday an night I can see the room with my eyes closed I can feel what others feel evey time I close my eyes I see stars an a spinning circle I see angles. Orbs come to me with my eyes open I feel a funny vibration all through my body always my angels took me to a magical beautiful forest then a land of dementions then to a desert like Egypt I think I don’t know what the heck is happening to me please help me anyone. I don’t know what going on with me. I traveled to a planet were their were humans with large eyes. I’ve I see visions of the future then days later its happening. I have no control over this it just happens. I can’t sleep ever its been two months cant eat I’ve lost 30 pounds my life is so different now. What do I do. Who do I ask is there anyone like me to help me. I’m not crazy. This is real. Please help me

  • Swaroop says:

    i wanted to learn please help me

  • kira says:

    i can see the future within my dreams and reading these coments brought me together to face my power.

  • ahmed hameeduddin says:

    i am interested mid power for positive use.

  • Abhigyan says:

    Everybody have supernatural powers within themselves. Some are born users and some learn it by themselves.
    For example- I can read minds and predict the future(between 1 – 2 hours of the present time in advance). But I cannot use it all the time. Sometime when I’m thinking many thoughts or when I get tensed or when I get over confident I cannot do anything. To do this one need real calm mind….
    I think everybody can learn this stuff….
    For those who want to learn:
    To learn this you have to be an early riser. When you wake up don’t come out of your and don’t turn on the lights just sit there with closed eyes, erect backbone and try to concentrate and try not to fall asleep. Maintain that for half an hour or for 10 minutes.. Eventually you will see that you can understand what that person is thinking or you will get a blured Idea of that person’s thoughts.. When you become an expert you can even enter your thoughts into other’s minds…
    And about predicting the future.. I don’t know how I do it I was born with it. Its like I say something unknowingly and It becomes a truth after sometime …. I know that some of you are thinking that I’m joking but its true.. There many people in the world with different abilities… By doing meditation one can surely gain different supernatural abilities.. Everybody have their own supernatural abilities within themselves…… Its really true ,even scientists believe this but they just cannot explain it….. Best of Luck……..:):)

    • Gul says:

      Dear Mr. Abhigyan,

      Congrates for the tremendous supernatural ability you have within you. I hope you know the ways how to benefit from it and am sure that you are benefiting from it.
      If you want I can give you excellent ideas on sharing basis (50-50) to make your life joyful, prosper and wealthy.
      If it sound interesting to you. Dorp me a mail to start communication and fix the details.
      Gul from Dubai.

    • Git says:

      thanks for the guidence. i’ll try this out