Psychic Phenomena In A Temple

I was checking out a temple in Bali with a couple of
friends who will be helping during the retreat in Bali.

One is specialized in meditation, while the other is
very good in seeing spirits or detecting energy amongst

The temple is close to the place where we will be staying.
I wanted to know about the situation in the temple,
like if there were  any spirits or astral beings, and
what type.

When we arrived, we could not enter the temple,
it seemed closed. Yet after walking around for a
while, the gate appeared to be open all the time.

We placed the small offerings at several spots in
the temple to ask permission and access. In the
central part I felt a warm, pushing energy around
my hands when I entered there. Strange, because
in this context it doesn’t indicate something positive,
which you would normally expect in a temple.

After that we started meditating. I was only just
begun when one of my astral assistants / helpers
(not a ‘guide’, since this one was attached to me
during a ritual) appeared from behind me.

There was also a lion which appeared at the
astral level, and was sort of threatening
towards my assistant. He didn’t attack, but
was clearly threatening.

There were also several lower level spirits,
close to the earthly, human level. One looked
like we would picture a ghost, which was strange
because it was the first time I saw a spirit in this
form in Bali: white, dirty clothes around a human
figure who was floating above the ground.

The energy which was circulating during the
meditation didn’t felt right for a temple.
After this we compared our our observations.

One of the friends noticed that the energetic
presence was of a lower type and that the energy
of the place was more suited for people who
are involved in lower types of magic, not very pure.
He also noticed a bit forceful presence which preferred
us to be outside as supposed to inside. Indeed the area
is traditionally known for having black magic.

My other friend also noticed some spirits which were
close to the human realm. These are the sort of lower
energetic beings which are able to do possessions and
We compared this with the energetic beings
from another temple where we sometimes meditate,
and agreed that the presence there is definitely from
a higher level.
For him too the energy didn’t feel pleasant.
After finishing the meditation and being outside
the temple, it still affected him.

We concluded that this temple is not suitable for
spiritual development, but might fit in the program
for comparing this with more clean, pure temples.

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Normally, I’m holding back back a bit when it comes to
sharing this sort of things in such detail… because it
goes a little to far for some people.

Do you like or find it interesting to read this
sort of experiences? Let me know below and
I will share more of this in the future , or not…

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this information! I used it for my diploma thesis =)

  • babska szkoła jazdy says:

    Niesteyty I can not agree with the previous user of, I think this topic is very interesting and a lot of people can learn a lot from it

  • Tessica says:

    Your ansewr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

  • adz says:

    Intering stuff

  • Conrad Raw says:

    Hi Rita,

    It is the effect from training, it is certainly not only some people. It is a skill like reading, which can be developed.
    Why vipassana doesn’t get you connected to the energy? This is because that is not the goal of that meditation method. It is important to know which meditation method to use for what.
    I will be sharing more about this soon, stay tuned 😉

  • Rita says:

    Its wonderful reading this, feels magical. But how is that , that only some people can understand this energy around themselves. Ive been doing vipassana meditation from a long time now and i wonder how is that , that i cant get connected to the universal energy.