Is There A Relationship Between Diet And Mind Power?

Someone asked me what I eat in order to develop a higher human potential.
In this video I answer this question and share what I have observed with all of
the spiritual masters or teachers I have met.

  • Norma says:

    There is noinhtg There is noinhtg there, because there is no such thing as telekinesis.You want to feel a psi-ball, so you do. Do this that, and the other Power of suggestionIf a person does this that and the other they expect to experience this..

    • Conrad Raw says:

      Telekinesis is very real. Many of the trainings with the psi balls are not.
      The real thing, moving an object without physical touch, is a real skill. There are even several methods for it depending on the path of training one is on.

      • Peace Williams says:

        Yes there is. Te brain embodies what we know as the mind. The mind is our Psychic, and so, if the body is healthy, our brain becomes health, and our mental powers automatically develop and work well. who we are, what we do daily, our decisions etc, all comes from the choices we make everyday through our mental powers.