[Free Report] A Balinese Ritual

In the report you can download below,
you can learn:
– a short ritual from Bali containing
important elements for manifesting or
using the principles of the law of attraction
– how you can neutralize energy to create a more
positive and harmonic atmosphere
– how communication with the spirit world can
help people in their daily lives

After you have finished reading it, I would really
enjoy if you took a couple of seconds to let me know
how you benefited from it.

you can do that by just leaving a message here.

Right click and choose save as to download the pdf

  • Conrad Raw says:

    That would be a very long story.
    It is different depending on the level of spiritual attaiment you have reached. Different things happen after physical dead, for people of different levels of spiritual accomplishment.
    Aboriginals for instance take a different approach and want to have everything which is energetically linked to a person removed at dead, so they can proceed on. So there pictures are removed, their names no longer spoken etc.
    For angels and demons, calling them like that might give rise to some underlaying cultural/religious concepts that might or might not be true, in any case there are energy beings with good and with bad characteristics.