Law 2: Consciousness For Healing And Personal Development

Yesterday I shared law 1, if you missed it, you can still read it here:

Law 1

Law 2: Energy always follows your intent.

So wherever your conscious awareness goes…

energy follows.

This means that if you bring your awareness to an area of your body, energy will amass

And will keep gathering there as long as your conscious awareness stays there.

There are some areas in the body which, if they receive extra energy, create certain effects.

Effects at different levels of your being.

When you for instance bring your awareness to your throat, and keep it there for a while…

so that more energy can gather there, since it follows your attention….

then you will stimulate your ability to express yourself, to trust and to organize and plan things.

If on the other hand you place your awareness to the area above your nose and between your eyes,and keep it there for a while…

…the area of the so called third eye.

then you stimulate intuition and clairvoyance.

When you keep your awareness in the heart area in the center of your chest, you stimulate your ability to love and to forgive.

As well as the capacity for compassion towards others and towards yourself in the sense of accepting yourself more.

When I’m in Europe I sometimes join my sister in her yoga, because she knows these points well.

So it isn’t just a “feel good aerobics” where there is no real attention to details and its more about the flat stomach.

She knows where to hold your awareness or where to move it with every movement…

in order to obtain specific effects in consciousness or in the the brain.

But ok, holding your awareness in specific locations of the body creates certain effects, depending on which location is being used.

There are some locations in the body which have the capacity to store energy, and then exponentially increase…

the energetic potential…

the total of the energy that you can use.

Traditionally these locations are not shared openly or only past on to a closed inner circle.

The reason for this being that when the energetic potential increases, abilities come within your reach…

which aren’t accessible at a lower energetic level.

In my search I eventually met a teacher who showed me the exact location.

Up to that point I had only had vague indications, which certainly let room for interpretation.

He would only help me to progress if I made certain promises about the use of the extra energy which can be developed.

All right, next time I will be sharing the third law and how you can use this for healing.