Law 3: Switch On The Self Healing Abilities

Ok, so far I have already shared the first two laws of consciousness.

Law 1

Law 2

In previous episode I explained how you can move the center of your consciousness and that energy then follows there.

Well this is very useful for healing.

By focusing your awareness on some part of your body where healing is needed, energy will automatically flow to that area.

This energy can then be used to support or stimulate healing.

So it is helpful to hold your conscious awareness in an area of your body that needs healing, for a while.

In this way energy can amass there.

Its best to do this with a cheerful, caring intention.

A bit like a mother would hold and take care of a recently born baby.

Well, this brings me to the next law.

Law 3: You can place the center of
your consciousness outside of your body.

So you can place your conscious awareness outside of your physical body.

This goes a bit beyond a pure materialistic world view.

It means that your consciousness is not constrained to the limits of your body.

Let alone that it would be based on mechanisms which depend purely on operations in the brain.

The first consequence of this, is that you can also move your conscious awareness to…

an area in the body of someone else.

In this way you can enhance healing in the other person.

Energy will flow to the location in the body where you place your conscious awareness.

Now, there is another consequence…

but that is for the next episode.